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I like sunsets and reading and writing.
I make nice lists and attempt poetry.
I write what comes to mind.

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I have a very varied music collection. It ranges from country to metal. Do we like any of the same songs? Check out my playlists on Spotify (my profile is called 'surferbeagle')!

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December 12, 2018

PROMPT: Mixtape

Welcome To The Farm - Luke Bryan
    This song makes me think of the first time I visited my friend's farm, and taking new people there.

Bad Liar - Imagine Dragons
    This song talks about the terrible state of the world today, and how we wish we could make the people we love believe it isn't as bad as it really is, but we can't. 

Bad Blood - Taylor Swift
    "Now we got bad blood, it used to be mad love. Take a look what you've done."

It's Time - Imagine Dragons
    This song fills my mind with so many memories, so many good memories of singing along.

Zombie - Bad Wolves
    This is a cover of the original song by The Cranberries. It talks about the state of the world.

Ugly Heart - GRL
    This song just perfectly sums up my recent thoughts. 

Caught In The Storm - Our Last Night
    My sister got married and moved 1,000 miles away. This song talks about how close friends drift apart, but when they get back together it's like nothing ever changed. That's exactly what it's like with my sister. When we get together, it's like she never left.

Dirt On My Boots - Jon Pardi
    This song makes me remember taking the tractor into town and singing along with my friends (I have a piece about that memory).

Hate (I Really Don't Like You) - Plain White T's
    This is a song about how after you break up with someone, you don't quite hate them, but you really don't like them. They've done something that made you forget why you ever liked them in the first place.

Fake Happy - Paramore
    This is a song about how everyone pretends to be happy, in order to seem normal. But if we're all pretending, why are any of us pretending?

Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
    What I like about this song is the realness of it. After his father's funeral he was in so much pain he said "wake me up when September ends" he didn't want to deal with the pain. 

Let You Down - The Material
    "I didn't mean to let you down, or maybe I did" She's done with being used and not being good enough, so she sets herself free.


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