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Character Casting List

December 12, 2018


ALRGHTY! I was bored one day and didn't want to do my chores, so I made this list of all the actors that would play my characters if they were made into movies. Here it is!

NOTE: I did all of these AFTER I wrote the stories.

The Game - 

Lynn Thomas - Zoe Skaggs
This is me, so no description here XD.

Cassidy Jessen - Sadie Sink
Light hair color (blonde or red), taller than Lynn. She has a strong personality. The games she chose were Flame Evasion and Freeze Apocalypse (you kind of need context for this, but the piece is really long, so you don't have to read it if you don't want to.)

Albany Corla - Quvenzhané Wallis (first choice) or Storm Reid
Young African-American girl who's very shy until you get to know her. She's shorter than both Lynn and Cassidy. She chose Water Evasion, Lost Time, and A-Mazed (also needs context)

Robin Jores - Landry Bender
Tall, sarcastic girl who doesn't really like people. She has long brown hair. Lynn first thought she was rude, but got used to it over time. She chose Water Evasion as her game (needs context).

Maverick Corla - David Ramsey
Tall man who works for the villain, but later joins Lynn & Co to help take them down. He's always wearing a black suit and is pretty solemn for the most part.

Ross Delarane - Jack Dylan Grazer (first choice) or Finn Wolfhard 
Kind of a goofball and has a crush on Lynn. He had dark-ish hair like Robin. Lynn thought he was annoying at first since he's a tiny bit sarcastic, but he grows on her. 


NOTE: These ones were predetermined. I knew who would play them before I even started writing, and it helped a lot with character descriptions. (Except for the Head. I did him after since he didn't exist until the end. lol.) Also, I'm fairly sure that everyone on this list except Willa Holland is British. It's part of the story in a way, XD.

Hide and Seek - 
Willow Rosell - Willa Holland
She has short, wavy brown hair and green eyes with a ring of gold around the iris (part of the story, not the character). She is bold when she wants to be, and she's also really kind of a wimp sometimes. For the most part she's a strong character.

Carson Rosell - Undetermined (ideas, anyone? Lol.)
He has hair a little darker than Willow's and green eyes. He's only a minorly important character, but still important. He's kind of skeptical and worried sometimes. 

Silas Shar - James McAvoy (first choice by far) or Arthur Darvill
This character was my absolute favorite character I've ever written. It's something of a cross between Professor X and Kevin Wendell Crumb/Dennis from Split (which was not the goal, just how it ended up XD). He's a bit of a creepy person at the beginning of the story and gets better by the end.

Aunt Diana – Naomi Watts (first choice), Emily Blunt (second choice), or Rebecca Ferguson
Works with Silas (above) but has a totally different style than him. She's goofy sometimes, but she can make herself seem like an ice cube if she wants/needs to. 

The Head – Mark Gatiss
Serious, evil man who is the head of the Seekers (who are searching for Willow). He tends to sit in a chair behind a desk a lot and has the power to make others do his will. Kind of short and always very serious. He can do a mean evil grin.
If you've ever seen Sherlock, you'll know why I picked him. If not, go look up "Mycroft Holmes". XD.


Amber - 
Avery Darilo - Maia Mitchell
I pictured her as a redhead, but this works. She's a strong-spirited character who did ballet until her dad lost his job. She wanted to be the one who helped her family out of their financial problems, so she took Chozyn, her brother (see below) and ran away to another town.

Chozyn Darilo - Chozyn Carpenter 
Avery's baby brother. Chozyn Carpenter is my baby foster cousin. He has large, intelligent-looking eyes and tiny brown curls right above his forehead. He's very easygoing and smiles a lot.

Rosie - Caitlin Carmichael OR Millie Bobby Brown
Avery's friend that she meets while on her journey. She loves to talk, like a lot, and is a very bright, happy person. 

Alice - Ruby Barnhill 
Alice is Rosie's younger sister. I picture her as about 10 or so years old. She was born without vocal chords (or an accident happened, haven't decided), so she communicates through writing and sign language, which Rosie translates for others. She's a very smile-y person, even though she can't talk. 


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  • rosemarywisdom

    Hey, I like this! Robin Jores reminds me a lot of me, and Avery Darilo reminds me a lot of Autymn (my character in Unspoken.)

    about 2 years ago