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sweet mother, i cannot weave. slender aphrodite has overcome me with longing for that girl - sappho
there's a fire on my floor telling me to sleep some more, cry a little louder if you know what this means - cavetown
the three seasons are gay, halloween, and snow - me

Atlantis (part 2)

December 13, 2018


i. a lost city for a lost angel. she was lost somewhere on her way to heaven, and was found again in atlantis. wings are useless underwater. she shines eerily when she walks the dark city streets and welcomes the poor souls who pass through the rusted gates. most never see her again and wonder if they dreamed another living being in atlantis. 

ii. a broken city for a broken girl. shattered for longer than anyone knows, she puts everyone else's pieces together. all her own pieces have scattered. she is the spirit of the walls, the first person to roam atlantis's streets and halls. she'll dance sometimes, a sorrowful dance that sweeps through the city and stains the cracked cobblestone with a sadness too deep to understand.


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