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sometimes beauty is not conventional. sometimes the ugliest things will become the most beautiful.

Zeros & Ones

February 4, 2016


Hypocritical isolation. 
The antisocial become the real world. 
The lonely and awkward become the popular. 
In a world where bullying
No longer occurs in a circle
But travels down the grape vine
On a string of zeros and ones. 
Where not knowing catchphrases in a vine
Is worse than committing a crime.
Where we agree to the Terms of Use
Faster than we answer our mothers. 
Where followers are more than
Mindless stalkers.
Where tumblr is the home for the
Lost and depressed. 
Where youtube is the home for the
Joyful and creative. 
Where instagram is the home for the
Artsy and obsessed. 
This is the world of the web.
Where our stories are no longer
Told in ink on a page
But through pictures on a screen
Glowing fluorescent in an app. 
Where emojiis are used more
Than the emotions on our face. 
Where LOL and OMG
Is typed out more than expressed. 
Where retweeting and unfollowing
Is more important than grades. 
This is the world of the web. 
This is the world of the connected. 
This is the world of the disconnected
And the plugged in. 
This is the world of zeros and ones. 

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