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jeez, toby

what my younger brother told me about love

December 12, 2018


my brother is only four years old. His name is toby.
sometimes he can be a whiny litle crap, but some of the things he says intrigues me.
this was only a few weeks ago.
izzi was over at my place and we wanted a little time alone to talk about something that was bothering her.
she showed me the bruises on her forearms.
"are these from the accident?" i asked, fingering them lightly.
"Mm-hmm." her voice shook, and she grabbed my hands. 
"are they hurting?"
"yeah," She sniffed. "everything hurts, Ant."
"i know, i know." i felt that pang in my chest. i didn't want to see her in pain. she barely even smiles anymore. "but it'll be okay."
"tony?' the door creaked open, and i was met by the sight of my little brother, pale skinned and brighteyed, wearing one of my dad's old white dress shirt. 
"yeah, toby?" I tried to keep quiet.
"what's wrong with Iz?" He toddled over and took her arm, his eyes went wide.
"i got hurt, toby." Izzi wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to smile.
'i was in a car accident."
it hung in the air.
toby took her hand and kissed it lightly-on her palm. right in the middle. he curled her slender fingers in.
"this'll make you feel better." he said triumphantly. "momma always does that to me."

izzi only smiled. her eyes lit up a little. 

after she left, toby told me this;
"kiss her a little more. she needs to feel special."


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