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☆and perhaps when the stars disappear we'll still be alive☆



December 12, 2018


i. they say the shore of atlantis shines in the sun with aquamarine, and turquoise, and gold, polished till they're blinding. they say atlantis is a beacon for the poor souls who've lost themselves somewhere along the road. they say atlantis's streets are lined with pearls, and the buildings are all coral and shells, and precious stones. they say atlantis doesn't have street lights; it shines so bright that night never falls. they say atlantis is a city of love where your soulmate might be around the corner. they say atlantis is a city of life; if you make it to atlantis you can't be touched by death's embrace.

ii. if you swim down deep enough, you might just reach the faded gold shore of atlantis. when you get to atlantis you don't ever come back to life, because you become found in the city of broken streets and faded building façades. atlantis is always filled with stuck-in-place-stars, and illuminated by moonlight. it's is the land of shattered hearts and shattered romances. in atlantis you waltz with the spirits in the walls, and dine with death.


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  • AntChanel

    oooh..this is interesting-

    over 1 year ago