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ATLA Fanfiction-ISH

December 12, 2018


The wind hissed, thunder clapped over the forest and lightning cracked an illumination over the dull, dark sky.
I heard the soft padding of bare feet against wood floor, and turned around from my spot, perched on the window sill. “Eva,” I whispered. “What are you doing up?” Eva tucked her long bright red hair behind her ear, and her clover eyes looked up to my brown ones. She had always been so unique.
“I...can’t sleep.” I heard her whisper back, it sounded like soft tears dripped in her voice. Sadness rolled off her in waves and it ached to see her, barely four, and so sad.
“It’s okay, do you want to lay down with me?” I suggested with a smile. Eva’s lips twitched in an attempted smile, but sunk back down. She nodded, wiping tears away.
She climbed up in my arms and I held her there. Her skin was cool to the touch, and goosebumps pricked my fingertips. When she got into my arms, Eva started sobbing.
“What, what is it? What’s wrong?”
“I’m s-s-s-scared.” She shivered and her voice was shaking.
“You don’t have to be scared, it’s just rain…”
“And what’s that loud thing?” She asked nervously, over the ripple of a thunder crack. “Why is it here. It’s not rain.” She complained in panicked breaths.
“That? That’s thunder, Dad used to say it was like angels were playing rock music.” And he joined their band a year ago. “Remember? The angels are slapping on the drums!” I said as thunder cracked again, and Eva flinched.
Once again, lightning spread luminous light over us. “And what’s that.” Eva demanded, grabbing my hand and squeezing it so tight I felt like she was going to rip it off.
“You can’t be scared of lightning Eva. Remember what Dad used to say?” Eva nodded, but didn’t answer. “He said that lightning was a light in the dark.” I got up. “When you’re lost,” I walked to a candle and flicked my hand over it, creating a fire. “Light a spark.”
Eva looked up at me, she’d always been amazed that I, like Dad, was able to control the elements using gestures. “So, the lightning- don’t you think that’s Dad’s way of lighting a spark for us to see in the dark? If we’re lost do you think that’s him, trying to help us?”
“Yes, yes, yes!” Eva said, understanding it. When I sat back down on the sill, Eva welcomed me in her four year old arms. “Thanks Everly.” She smiled.
“You’re welcome Evalyn, you should get to bed now.”
She yawned, as if agreeing with me, and slid off the sill to retreat to her room.
I thought of Dad before I drifted off to sleep.


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