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Awkward Teenage Superheroes (prologue to chapter four.)

December 12, 2018


"Isn't this what you want, Anthony?" The black gloved hands closed on the teenager's throat. "You made a deal with me, did you not?"
The teen couldn't respond as air escaped from his throat. He only shook his head weakly.
"No? Well, you must be mistaken?
"You..can't..hurt..any..of..'em." The words barely passed his lips.
"Oh, of course, you're so selfless." The figure's hat tipped down just below his eyes, leaving only a sly, coy smile to seen. "You obviously don't want the Moonlight girl to be hurt."
The boy's eyes watered over. He was too weak to fight back. He only shook his head again.
"Very well." The figure released the boy's throat.
Ant collasped against his bathroom wall, feeling the cold smoothness of the tiles press up agqinst his back. He fingered the bruises on his throat.
The figure was gone.


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