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Angela Soria

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Welcome to this place on the internet, hope you enjoy your visit and well *awkward shrug* have fun.

Several Encounters

February 16, 2016

Nine months ago

Here we are, no one else. Me and you under the tree sitting side by side, the conversations we had at that moment in time are lost in my memories but whatever it was it didn't matter. No, what matter then, now, and later was the smile you had and that soft chuckle that made the air around you shake and made me laugh as well. Your smile felt so warm it made me wish that time could stop so I could stare at it a little while longer. 
Two months earlier 

That night I was trying to drag my date to the dance floor but he wouldn't come, playfully I started to pout trying to get him to give in and dance with me. After two more minutes of this, you got up from your side of the table and offered to dance with me. For a quick second, I was stunned by your proposal but quickly the feeling faded as you grab my hand and walked me to the dance floor. The familiar beat of the Cupid Shuffle started to play. You let go of my hand and started asking me how to dance to the song right when before it started giving us its musical direction, I smiled and told him to follow my lead as I started to slide to the left then to the right. Soon enough he got the idea and we both started dancing, sometimes laughing when we went right instead of left or turned in the opposite direction. Our imperfect dancing made that night even more perfect.

Two years ago 

Sitting on opposite side of the room as Booth left saying "get to know each other while I'm gone". I looked at you, the stranger that was sitting before me and waited for him to speak. I waited, and waited, and waited. Finally after at least a half hour of waiting for him to speak I broke the silence, and soon after about two years you would return this action and break my heart.


You sat in the aisle next to me in the bus, earbuds in with your music turned all the way up. Not once did you make a move to let me sit next to you and not once did I make a move to talk to you. Our friendship died the moment I said "I love you", dead the moment you got up and left the door to my heart wide open, dead the moment you sat in front of me at that old crumbling gas station and told me it was over.

Our relationship at the end of junior year destroyed the friendship we could have had our senior year and every action that would ever happen after.


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