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December 12, 2018


do you still live where you were born?
Heck no! I was born in Indiana, now I live in Texas.

how many languages do you speak/study?
I am fluent in English, I can tell you want some southern slang means, and I can pronounce many Japanese words.

do you consider yourself a good student?
Solid AB student right here!

do you sport?
Sure, I sport every now and again. Wouldn't consider myself a profession though.

are you religious? 
I believe in God, and pray every night, but I’m not very religious.

what should you be doing right now? (me, studying for two tests i have in about 12 hours)
At the time of writing, taking my medicine. 

who was your last crush and why?
Someone. Not saying who though.

do you think trauma/adversity damages people or helps them grow?
It makes them grow. I am a person with a mental disability, and I have survived this long.
what is the artwork you are currently most proud of?
I don't draw much, because I stink at it. Although, and I'm not proud of this, I drew a comic when I was eleven, basically ripping off the nyan cat video.

describe yourself. physically. BE POSITIVE AND HONEST.
I have brown hair and blue eyes, acne that’s been on face so long I should probably charging rent at some point, and a big nose, like it’s my most noticeable feature big. I wear glasses, as I am legally blind. I’m tall, six foot three, and skinny. That’s it really. It’s nothing special, but it’s me.


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  • Quille

    Hi Dude :D These are all fantabulous answers and make me smile to read. However, your self-description isn't very positive.... :DD
    Southern slang is quite an accomplishment! Can you maybe help me with my eastern slang? XD

    over 1 year ago