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Angela Soria

United States

A mediocre writer has appeared what do you do??

Message to Readers

This is a thing I wrote for my school's annual black history program, hope y'all enjoy the read and have a good day!!!


February 4, 2016


Sadness sits inside this hollow heart of mine thinking of our children and what they have and will become. Our mothers, father, and forefathers have shed countless drops of blood, sweat, and tears to be able to give us this, this life of equality even if at times it doesn't live up to its name. It's still greater then what they faced, but what have we done to receive this gift? Nothing, we sit around complaining about things that don't  even matter, causing what our forefather fought for to look like an effort that was for not. We only add more pain to ourselves as the whip crack again on our backs in vain, or shoved back to the end of the line. We all in this school as it stands may be of different colors, but each of us is responsible for adding on to one another's anguish. No one here is innocence and no one is truly responsible, mainly for the fact that we should be helping and guiding each other. Sharing the little wisdom we have to make our future better. Spending less time making a mixtape and more time making the grade. Less time caring about how "fleek" or "lit" you are and more time about the type of person you want to be. A person that our forefathers smile proudly upon and causes our enemies to roll around in their graves.


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