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#blottedinkcontest throat of an angel

December 11, 2018


at dawn they told me of your body
embers of death licking your beautiful face
i remember running, somewhere
of course, it was the place we always went
and all around, the scenery was curled like water
and the willow’s branches wept
like the empty arms of a mother

there it was, your grave:
a million soft roses could not compress
the cold of hard stone
i fell to my knees, sobbing
the grass pressed at my heels
and around my stomach:
i lay shivering in an earthy cocoon

now i live in an alien world
i cannot be troubled with the faces that pass
for i belong neither here nor there:
i am suffocated by the clarity of air
and the solidity of cool earth

someday, they shall take me away
and i will be swept up by wind and sleet
and mother earth will kiss me for a last time
no longer will i be burdened by your face
for i will be swallowed, down the throat of an angel
look, can’t you hear them singing?
blotted ink’s contest here.  check it out!

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