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aBoUt Me #mystoryq&a

December 11, 2018


a while back, I've done something similar to this, but it's really fun and these are different questions so here are a few facts about meee (credit to she's-got-a-story for creating the questions!!)

do you still live where you were born? 
I do, I moved cities when I was a baby but I still live in the same general area and state if that counts :P

how many languages do you speak/study? 
English is my first language, I am currently studying Spanish and I absolutely adore it.  I would like to continue taking Spanish classes in high school and college so that I can become fluent.  

do you consider yourself a good student? 
I am a good student, I've always been in all GT classes and the last time I got a B was about four years ago (that was a bad year XD).  I think that I participate a good amount and I complete all of my classwork and schoolwork on time :)

do you sport? 
I play a few sports. In the fall, I joined my high school's cross country team, I am currently doing indoor soccer, and I would like to try out for outdoor track in the spring and participate in a rec softball league (so... three sports).  

are you religious? 
I am not religious. I do not believe in God or any other godly being but I do believe that there is something out there that can affect fate and is watching over us (if that makes any sense).  The funny thing is, I actually live across from a church.  Hehe

what should you be doing right now? (me, studying for two tests i have in about 12 hours) 
Even though I'm a good student, I'm also a professional procrastinator :)).  I should probably be working on this big project for science right now but it's really boring and I don't feel like doing it.  

who was your last crush and why? 
Yes, I am very guilty of having a crush and I know some people on this site so we'll call him HWMNBN (He who must not be named).  So HWMNBN has like these beautiful and shocking green eyes that I can't stop looking at, and they stand out so much from his reddish orangish hair.  Also our parents are really good friends which makes it weird.  He's very good at soccer (he plays for travel) and he's really funny and smart!!! Sadly, I believe that he has a girlfriend, so I've kind of lost interest.  Or at least I hope I have.  :)

do you think trauma/adversity damages people or helps them grow?
Honestly, both. If that's an option. Depending on the type of person you are (like sensitivity levels), it could really be either.  Or, you could learn from a trauma and be damaged from it at the same time.  

what is the artwork you are currently most proud of? 
does this have to be a piece of writing? I also love painting, and one of the ones that I love the most is this watercolor background with a simple dreamcatcher sketch on top (I love dreamcatchers) and at the bottom it says "it's all gonna be ok".  I just love the simplicity of the painting and it helps me when I'm stressed.  

describe yourself. physically. BE POSITIVE AND HONEST. 
I'm going to try being completely honest here. So, let's start with my face and go down, I guess. 
My hair is long and brown with some natural highlights at the end.  it's very straight, and stops right about above my butt.  My eyebrows are one of the things that I am most self-conscious about on my body.  I think that they look huge and bushy, so I always try to wax and pluck them so that they don't look as... big.  This is more of a personal thing, as other people have told me that they look good, but I hate them.  
I have a love-hate relationship with my eyes.  Although they are supposedly very pretty (they're like a bluish-grayish-brownish-greenish color, depending on the day), I have terrible eyesight.  Thank goodness I was able to get contacts because glasses were the bane of my existence.  I 110% recommend contacts to anyone who has glasses.
My nose is pretty normal; I used to also be self-conscious about its size but I've grown to be okay with it.  However, it's very prone to getting juicy pimples right on the end which is ExTreMeLy aNnOyiNg but oh well
I have nothing to say about my lips. They're lips.  Idk.
My teeth are pretty nice, I've never had a cavity or had to get braces.  There is like one pesky one that sticks out a smidge but that's just cosmetic problems that I don't mind.  
My neck does well at supporting my head, pretty thankful for that :)
I have a pretty... flat chest, one of the other things I'm self-conscious about, but there's nothing I can do about that.  And it makes it easier to run.  I think.  
People say that I'm skinny, but I am always incredibly self-conscious about my weight. It may be irrational but I can't stop thinking about how much extra skin I may have compared to others and what I eat and how it may affect me. I have sometimes found myself debating throwing up my food, not eating at all, those kinds of terrible things.  It doesn't help that I also have no self-control.  
Okay another thing I hate about myself are my thighs, because I find them gigantic and unproportional to the rest of my body and they look terrible too!! :) I'm doing a great job with this positive thing.  
My feet, fingers, and arms are all pretty regular I guess, my toes are pretty long but that's TMI so yEeT

oof that was very long.  if you read through all of that, thank you, and have an imaginary jolly rancher :P also exactly 1,000 words.



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  • camlily

    Yes to both of you! :)

    3 months ago
  • Ryder

    What flavor jolly rancher do I get?
    If you have time, could you review one or so of my 'Dark Voice' series? I have three chapters up. Thanks! :}

    3 months ago
  • Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill

    Hey, could you do my contest?

    3 months ago
  • CreativeAngel



    3 months ago
  • CreativeAngel

    Don’t worry Cam, one day he’ll be yours. Or you’ll find someone a thousand times better I mean you’re naturally beautiful so ... :)
    Having a B four years ago! You are very smart. Sadly I can’t get straight As but As and Bs are what I get. You are perfectly fine like you’re not at all too skinny or too fat you’re just right. You’re overall perfect :D
    Be grateful you have many things too be proud of <<33

    3 months ago
  • she's-got-a-story

    1) your physical description bit is one of the most insightful things ive ever read
    2) bushy-browed girls unite!
    3) do not. ever. throw. up. your. food. please don't go there.
    4) this was such an amazing thing to read. you're funny and sweet and cynical all at the same time and i love it.
    5) lol on the procrastination. i'm doing it right now!

    3 months ago
  • camlily

    Aw thank you so much!!

    3 months ago
  • AntChanel

    Thanks for the jolly rancher-
    and im sorry about the dude you like, im sure there are plenty of other dudes out there.
    and I love painting, even though im shitty at it.

    3 months ago