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Acception and The Academy, Chapter 5 & 6 of: A Kingdom in Chaos- The Awakening; Book 1

December 11, 2018


Jerad waited for the rest of the contestants to take their turns. When the last person exited the building, Master Hunt called in a booming voice,
“Follow me.”
The competitors ambled on through the rain, seemingly going towards the northern end of the city. This would have been perfectly normal, except that there was nothing at that side of the city besides the northern gates. Then he had a spark of memory; when he had just turned thirteen two years ago, Garon had told him the academy was outside of the city. The other competitors did not seem unsure about where they were going. They had probably been much better informed than him.
The shuffling of feet stopped and Jerad peeked around the line to see they had come to the gates.
“Academy business,” Master Hunt told the two guards. One of the men nodded to the Master, and the pair heaved the bar off the face of the door.
    Master Hunt led the way out of the city, walking towards the a clearing in the forest. The rain was still lightly falling, and the sky was charcoal, ominously hovering above the small group. When they arrived, Master hunt said,
“If I call your name, stand by the copse of elm to my left. Pulling out a large piece of paper, he read,
    “Corrick Darish.” A couple of competitors clapped for the tall brown haired boy, but after a few seconds, they ceased their applause. Corrick on the other hand, was oblivious to the end of the applause. He smiled at everyone and waved as he walked towards the trees. Jerad filed away the boy's name for later.
    “Derrick Windshalow.” Jerad turned to Derrick, and grinned at him. Derrick looked shocked, then smiled as they high-fived.
    “Amanda Willis, Sareya Teyor, Sam Fallor, Dean Halden…” It went like that for quite some time; most people who got in were unknown to him. He was disappointed when the Gadrel girl's name was called; her first name was Piper.
    Around the twenty fourth name…
    “Reah Saraya, Alex Eridith, Jerad Tavish…”
    Jerad blinked, looked around in a daze, then realized his name was just called. He walked over to Derrick; the boy was smiling. They high fived again.
    Ecstasy. That was all Jerad felt... except for hunger. He was hungry, really really hungry...

New Chapter.

“Areya, escort the rest of the contestants back to the village,” Master Hunt told the woman next to him.
    After the group following Areya left the clearing in the direction of the city the remaining master said,
“Follow me.”
Behind him Derrick whispered into Jerad’s ear, “He says that a lot.”
“What, you mean foll-”
“Please refrain from talking with each other,” Master Hunt called back down the line.
    The rain was starting to clear up. Once again they were walking. Their line followed a well trodden path out of the forest. They crossed a small stream, then started going towards the river that bordered the edge of the city. But again, they kept walking until they had come to the face of the small mountains that cradled the back of the city. The line halted, and murmuring broke out.
“Where do you think it will be?” said a boy. “What it going to be like?” Another said loudly. “Where will we take baths?” A girl asked. Several people looked at her with a confused expression. Jerad was excited to see where the academy was, but he was also confused as to why they were stopping at the mountainside. Master Hunt motioned for silence, and the chatter ceased. Then suddenly a flash of blue light came from Jerad’s left, and an ethereal owl materialized and alighted on the Master’s hand a second later. The bird cooed as the Master stroked its feathers, then the spirit animal flew to the rock face, and dove through a particularly clean surface of the mountain. Jerad raised an eyebrow. Once again the academy was showing off. Just then, when Jerad thought the mechanical door would open, with the owl as the signal to people inside to open the door, blue liquid energy appeared right where the owl had flown through. It started to snake and twist into a shape… Jerad showed a smirk as he realized that the academy wanted this to be very impressive. The seal of the academy was etched in essence on the wall. Then, the huge doors began to slide open silently, revealing a massive hall with dark lantern lit corridors leading off in many different directions. For the first time, Jerad felt a spark of fear. How many people got lost in here.. The dark passages were daunting, seemingly malicious; but again chatter broke out. Jerad looked around and realized that there were four different corridors, each one with different colored plaques above the door. The one on the left was a bear, on the right, the eagle; in between were the fox and snake. Master Hunt began to walk towards the snake’s door, and from the constant direction earlier, they all followed the man deeper into the depths of the academy.
    Along the tunnel walls, the iron lanterns cast an eerie glow on the corridor. They walked in their normal fashion towards an archway. When they arrived at the door, Master Hunt said,
    “This is the summoning room, where tomorrow morning you will be tested to see if you can summon a spirit animal.”
     He only showed them the door to which they would enter tomorrow, and all the students were led away from the room, disappointed that they had to wait.
    “Well, now we have to wait until tomorrow,” Derrick told Jerad.
    “Yep, more waiting ahead.” Jerad said.
When they arrived back in the main hall, Master Hunt decided to elaborate more on the different rooms.
    “The Eagle corridor belongs to the teachers, and my office is at the end of the hall. You will be sleeping in the Bear section. You only have access to the first two dorms. Master Daria will be the girls’ chaperone, and Master Eric for boys. If you are twelve to fourteen, you are either the first dorm on the right or the left. Fifteen to eighteen, the second. If you do not attain a companion tomorrow, you will be sent back to city where you will be given the option to train as a soldier free of charge. The fox’s tunnel leads to the dining hall, and is where all your lessons will take place.” After he finished his speech, the other Masters stepped into the room.
    “Boys, come with me,” said Master Eric. Master Daria echoed the words for the girls. They went through the Bear’s passage and arrived in a heavily carpeted hallway. Clearly the academy was not all stone corridors and rigorous training routines. A few older students passed by them in corridor; they looked to be as though they were in their second year at . After they had disappeared behind the first years, Master Eric led the boys into their dorm, which was simple and sparse. There were eight bunk beds with small storage compartments in them.
    “A schedule is on each bed, and I would suggest getting as much sleep as possible. I also suggest not going anywhere out of this room after hours.” He winked at those last words, then exited the dorm. The boys all started to hustle towards a bed.
“I call top bunk,” Derrick said,
    Jerad jumped in below him before any of the other boys could claim the spot.
    “William, over here.” The boy named Corrick said to a short tan student across the room.
    After they were all settled, Jerad looked in the drawers that were attached to the beds. There were three sets of clothes in the compartment. Jerad assumed that one was for physical training and the other for academic training. There was also a strong box in the right corner of the drawer, the lock in the shape of the symbol of the academy. There was sheet in the drawer, as well as a short note on top of it reading,
    “You can launder your clothes across the hall and to the right. After you are accepted, you will be given a formal set of robes tailored with your spirit animal.”
    After he finished, Derrick hopped down from his bunk and asked,
    “What’s your schedule?”
    “I don’t know yet, I haven’t checked.” Jerad said as he pulled out his schedule, reading the list.
On first day of term, you will go to summoning hall at 8:45. You will be given a day off, then your normal schedule will begin. This will not be your permanent schedule for the year. It will change twice over the course of the year.
You must be in your dorm by twelve o’clock after midday, lest face punishment. The library is open until 11:30 after midday. Wednesday and Sunday are reserved for leisure; you will not have classes, except for occasional events. You may also ask permission to take the carriage into town to visit family members every Sunday. Certain classes may be missed for others or special events.

6:30 am to 8:15 am / Dining Hall

First period
Physical Training / 8:30 am to 10:45 am / Door at back of Dining Hall

Second period
Eludrian History / 11:30 am to 1:00 pm / First door in corridor on the right down fox corridor
1:00 pm to 1:30 pm

Third period
Strategy / 1:45 pm to 3:30 pm / Second door in corridor on the right fox corridor

Fourth period
Spirit Training / 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm/ Summoning hall. You will be assigned in groups of five to a teacher, and they will decide how to continue with your studies.

6:45 pm to 8:30 pm

    “I have physical training first period.” Derrick told Jerad.
“Same here, what do you have after that?” responded Jerad.
“Strategy, then history, then spirit training.” Derrick said. After looking over at Jerad’s list he continued, “So that means we don’t have history or strategy together.”
“Yeah,” Jerad said, “But we should get to bed, tomorrow's probably going to be quite exerting.”
“See you in the morning.” Derrick said.
Jerad, tired from the day's event, collapsed onto his bed, not even bothering taking off his shoes before falling into sleep.


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