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December 11, 2018


do you still live where you were born?  
I don't think so. I've lived in so many places in Kansas and Missouri that I honestly don't remember where I was born XD.

how many languages do you speak/study?  
I'm fluent in English (obviously, hence this language XD) but I know some Spanish and recently started learning French and Swahili.

do you consider yourself a good student?  
Sometimes...math and Chemistry are my worst subjects, and I've barely managed to keep them up to a C.

do you sport?  
Nope. I'm a huge klutz, hahaha. I love to watch sports though.

are you religious?  
Yep. Going into missions work later in life. :)

what should you be doing right now? (me, studying for two tests i have in about 12 hours)  
Writing my next's dedicated to my baby foster cousin who might not be with us for much longer, so I want the chance to give it to my aunt for him before he leaves.

who was your last crush and why?  
A boy named Jaden. I still like him but I don't know if he likes me back. My sister thinks he does (XD) but I don't know...And also James McAvoy (see my bio, haha). I think I've got a thing for J's. 

do you think trauma/adversity damages people or helps them grow?  
It depends. For some people like Corrie Ten Boom, who survived the concentration camps during WWII and went around the world encouraging others afterward, it helps. But for others, it doesn't

what is the artwork you are currently most proud of?  
I'm not good at drawing XD If animation counts, it would be Allison Falls Down The Rabbit Hole (Allison is my character), which is a stop-motion paper animation I made. It's about a minute and half long and took me about 13 consecutive hours to make XD. There's a lot of photos that I like, so I can't list all that XD.

describe yourself. physically. BE POSITIVE AND HONEST.  
I'm very short; my younger-by-a-year-and-a-half brother recently outgrew me by roughly an inch.
I'm freakishly thin, which gained me the nickname of Pretzel Stick from a friend of mine, even though I eat like a horse and love sugar XD.
I have near-waist-length hair the color of milk chocolate that gets greasy really fast. My usual attire is a t-shirt and jeans, though sometimes I'll wear leggings and wish I could wear ridiculously fancy stuff.
I love Converse, so that's what's on my feet. 
I've worn glasses for my ridiculously near-sighted eyes since I was 7 or 8. My current pair has blue sides and a brown-and-blue marbled front frame. :D
I found this on Paperbird's page, but the original is from shes-got-a-story. :D 
Find Paperbird's here and shes-got-a-story's here. :D


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