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December 11, 2018


Vitari is grey, his smoke hurling out of his mouth like waves.

Reis is purple, the vision of her in the lavender field is stained on her name

Jillian is blue, ocean at his feet

Me? What color am I? 

I am green- spending time in shifting trees. 

Red- risky for emergency

Yellow- bright and cheery

I am all. 

What can I be classified into?

What can I be called

If I'm multiple.

If I'm simply not one, but them all. 

There's not a word for us

Other than different,



But I know somewhere...

There is a person who would call us by our true name.

If we ever find out what that is. 
Hope you enjoyed! Comment what your color is, or if you're multiple: what is a name you would call us?


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