Gabby Nicholls


I am a 16 year old Australian girl. I live in Victoria. I am in my final year of school, and I plan to study criminology in Canberra next year - but writing is my main passion. I'm about as socially adept as a clam shell. That's because I'm a writer.

Message from Writer

I have a published book called Powerless, and it is the story of the very human Jessica LaTista who has been inserted into a world of magic. Her best friend has become magical, and she must learn how to cope with being the sidekick, with playing second fiddle to her best friend. It's a book about friendship, and how to stay human and sane in a world that seems to be anything but. It's the story of the sidekick, and it represents all of the bypassed, unpowerful best friends in any classic hero tale. Jessica LaTista is human, and she is powerless, and she is us. The regular people who only wish we could be part of the story.


February 4, 2016

PROMPT: Setting as Mood

This loneliness that encapsulates me has begun to hurt more than ever now that he has left, and it seems to be tainting the way I see the world. From my position on the balcony, I have a perfect view of my grey little section of Altiara Beach. The wind is whipping sand across the water, the waves are choppy and violent. The sky is grey, but seemingly cloudless; it is as though someone has just filled it in with a pot of paint. The water looks like an oil painting; the colours melding into each other yet staying separate; the white sea foam stark against the dark blue-green-grey of the salty water, which fills the wind with its taste. The beach itself is made up of a light, almost white coloured sand. The high tide mark, easily spotted by the distintive way it darkens the light sand, is merely meters away from the beach house. The beach is beautiful in a grey, melancholy kind of way, but its darkness is a poison to some people. Daniel had been right to leave - this place isn't for him, it was killing him - but for me, Altiara Beach is home.


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