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I am a 16 year old Australian girl. I live in Victoria. I am in my final year of school, and I plan to study criminology in Canberra next year - but writing is my main passion. I'm about as socially adept as a clam shell. That's because I'm a writer.

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I have a published book called Powerless, and it is the story of the very human Jessica LaTista who has been inserted into a world of magic. Her best friend has become magical, and she must learn how to cope with being the sidekick, with playing second fiddle to her best friend. It's a book about friendship, and how to stay human and sane in a world that seems to be anything but. It's the story of the sidekick, and it represents all of the bypassed, unpowerful best friends in any classic hero tale. Jessica LaTista is human, and she is powerless, and she is us. The regular people who only wish we could be part of the story.

Six-word memoir

February 4, 2016

It has been a wild ride.


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  • February 4, 2016 - 3:21am (Now Viewing)

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  • fierywonder

    This is very simple, but I love how many stories that can be viewed in these six words. I'm unsure how to describe it but it gives me comfort, like going through so much pain and obstacles and having life finally settle down.

    I know I've said it, but I honestly really like this.

    almost 3 years ago