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Izzi, I hope you read this...

super weird (but cute) my girlfriend has said

December 11, 2018


She's pretty and small, but she's got one big mouth.

"We bow down to the tallest purple."
"Thomas Jefferson is a THOT; I love him."
"You've been banned from the Mickey Mouse Club for innapropriate behavior."
"Ew, Ant. That cologne makes you smell like a Calvin Klein magazine ad."
"James Charles is the queen of queens, okay?" (She actually hates James Charles, I don't know why.)
"DON'T TOUCH MY GLUTEN!" (She legitimately screamed this at me when I tried to steal some of her sandwich bread.)
"Ant, you would be a frickin' son of Hermes, okay?" (Actually, I see myself as more of a son of Apollo. She knows it, too.)


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  • f l o r a

    Aw, Ant.
    This is so accurate.

    11 months ago