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Sonnet 1

By: Grace Renae


Love me he could not, despite his protest
When met eye to eye, he feels not a thing
His charm is a game, his profes’n a jest
He wears me on hand, prisoner to ring
While men flutter hearts with their kisses sweet
He gives me naught like but blood pulled through skin
And dark shadowed eyes, no ground for my feet
He summons a fight that I cannot win
Perhaps before dark, I once saw the dawn
In eyes crystal blue and frozen like glass
Prequel to anger, before hitched breath drawn
and peace turned to flee, disposed shards in grass
The life I treasure I wouldst soon discard
For love’s sake, happiness I disregard

Peer Review

This piece is delightfully written. It forces me think and read between the lines. I love how your sentences flow :)

I would love so many more of these! You're so talented! I'd love to read heaps of sonnets about different events?

Reviewer Comments

I look forward to reading more :)