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" True friends"

February 16, 2016

    11 am, December 31st, 2015
It was early morning New Year's Eve. Everyone had just woke up from the crazy party the night before. Almost everyone had a hangover and felt like shit. Danny asked Caitlyn “baby can we have a party for New Years?” Caitlyn was still half asleep but answered “yes.” When everyone had fully woken up, everyone was gathering their things to go home and get ready. When Caitlyn awoke, she went down stairs and saw the mess that everyone had made. Beer cans were everywhere, puke from a kid that threw up, alcohol bottles busted and holes in the wall. Caitlyn was a little upset but didn't care because her parents weren't in town. Everyone had left Caitlyn's house around noon. Caitlyn's friend Alexis had called me around 2 pm and asked me if I could come over and help clean up. So I called Sophia and we both went over there to help clean. When we got there it smelled like straight marijuana. I glanced over at the couch and saw Roberto, Danny, and Raul passing a blunt around. Caitlyn was a little upset because they were supposed to be cleaning up the mess that their friends made. Instead, they were in the other room getting high. “Do you have any food, were blown and hungry.” Danny asked Caitlyn. Caitlyn screamed, “either help clean or get out!”. Roberto left and went to his girls house down the road. Raul got in his car and drove away smoking a blunt. Danny was stuck to clean up the mess that everyone made. 

     Later that day, everyone started to arrive at Caitlyn's house for the New Years Eve party that Danny was hosting. It started off with just a couple people. As the night got later a lot more people started showing up. It was about 11 pm, one hour until the ball dropped. Everyone was already trashed. Caitlyn started freaking out. Roberto said we could move the party to his girls house down the street. Everyone put on their shoes and started walking. People were asking me for a ride. I said ‘“No” because the partiers were sloppy drunk and cops were out heavy. When all the partiers arrived at Roberto's girls house she started flipping out. She started pointing at people and saying “you can stay”,”you can stay”, “you need to leave”. Sophia and I decided that we were ditching this party. As soon as we left everyone followed and went back to Caitlyns. By the time we got back to Caitlyns house it was about 11:45 pm with only 15 minutes until the ball is dropping. Nobody would turn on the TV so I went uptown and watched the ball drop with a couple of people from the party. My mom and dad had called me a little after midnight to come pick them up.  
4 am, January 1st, 2016 

I had just witnessed Tater's girlfriend Sophia get out of Raul's car with her pants almost completely off of her. I couldn't believe my eyes. Sophia had just cheated on Tater with his best friend! Nobody knew what to do. Everyone was scared to call Tater because they all knew that he would flip the fuck out. I was the one who had the balls to call him and tell him. When Tater answered the phone he still had his sleepy voice. “ Hello,” I said. Tater answered “ Hello?”.I said,  “You have to believe me with this, don't ask questions just believe me.”Tater kept asking questions “what are you talking about?” ,“ what do I need to believe”. So I started to tell him what I had witnessed.” Listen Tater” I said, “ I just saw Sophia get out of Raul's car with her pants almost completely off of her”. “WHAT!” replied Tater. In the tone of his voice, I knew he couldn't believe what he just had heard. On the other side of the phone, I heard him yell at the top of his lungs. My heart sunk. Tater started to cry. That's when my best friend instinct kicked in. I asked him “ Do you want me to come out to you house?”. He answered “ yes” in a sad weepy voice. When I arrived at Taters house it was 5:18 am. Tater got in the car and was instantly pissed and started saying     “take me there”. I kept saying “that is your best friend you can not  beat him up”. Tater kept repeating himself “take me there”. I finally gave in and took him to Caitlyn's house.    

When we arrived at Caitlyns house, Tater was out the car before I even put the car in park. I hurried up and got out the car and ran inside. As soon as I got inside all I see and hear is Tater yelling in Raul's face. Tater said to all “ WHAT THE FUCK BRO!” “ WHY WOULD YOU DO STUFF WITH MY GIRL”. Raul was pleading for forgiveness and making up stories everyone knew wasn't true. Tater had had enough of Raul's plead stories and socked him a nice right hook to his face. Everyone at the party started yelling get him off of him, but Tater wasn't stopping. Hit after hit Tater hitting harder every time. After Tater had calmed down he talked with Sophia on what had happened. Sophia kept saying “ I don't remember”. Tater was getting angry again and I thought that is was a good time to leave. On the ride back to his house he kept asking “why would my best friend so this to me?!?”. I just kept telling him that he wasn't a true friend if he couldn't handle himself around Sophia.     

We arrived at Taters house. He got out the car before his dad found out he had left. He gave me a hug and said “ thank you Ashley”, “I love you”. On the drive back to Caitlyns Tater had called me. He said, “ I and Sophia are no longer a thing if I can't trust her to a party with guys then we have no trust”.    

TO BE CONTINUED                            


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