I spit out words onto an innovation called paper hoping they all make sense...
I'm short.
so-called "depressant writer"

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"Be careful who you pretend to be. You might forget who you are."

#paperbird q&a--Mangolover

December 10, 2018


what's the story behind your profile picture? 
Mangos! Love 'em.

when you start a "free writing" piece, do you like the font better when it's the editing font or the published font? 
I like the published font better. It just looks nicer to me :)

what movie scarred you for life as a child?  does it still freak you out? 
I actually haven't been really scared of horror movies; I find them pretty interesting to watch & love the "suspence"

look up "horoscope personalities."  which one fits you? 
My original horoscope actually fits me pretty well itself; cancer that is.

do you consider yourself to a good writer? (be honest) 
Wellllllllllllll no. I'm just a novice but I really want to improve!!

so, as mentioned earlier, the q&a trend was all the rage in September/October.  do you know who started it? 
Nope. Would love to know :D

what's one popular franchise you think is downright bad? 
not really sure... I'm not big with franchises.

what do you think happens when you die? 
Oh, that's really easy. Maybe just an easier life for my parents. I wouldn't make much of a difference anyway since I'm just a big disappointment. lol

describe your ideal life (job, marriage, kids, death, etc) 
Probably I'm not going to go too far, maybe just death in a few years. If I do plan to extend my life, maybe just get married... NO KIDS!! (Pain, Idk how my parents dealt with me.) For a job, I'm hoping to become a chemist, although it is a lot of high-demanding work. Maybe a part-time writer?? Not sure yet. All my life plans are probably going to fail just cuz I'm sooooooooo confused. 

what is one food you're very territorial of?  in other words, if you found it in your fridge, you wouldn't let anyone else eat it. 
Lasagnia. I will go head over heels for it.

should pineapple be on pizza? 
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I personally like pineapple alone, just the way it is. When you put it on pizza, your pizza get's soggy & it tastes like sweet & kinda weird to me. (This is my personal opinion, I don't mean to offend anyone :)

abortion: yes or no?  explain.  (if you don't like politics you can skip this question) 
ehhhh skip :) 
(I'm not much of a politics person)

what aspect of the traditional science fiction future scares you most?  (e.g., robots, global warming, aliens, etc.) 
I have to say, global warming b-cuz I'm kinda nervous about the way our world will turn out in a couple decades. Are we going to sell air in the black market? How about polar bears? What's going to happen on the toonie if they all go extinct??

why do you think people find pleasure in answering questions about themselves online?
Not sure. Just a trend?? It's just fun to add to and show your opinion/side of the story/world.
Was just kinda bored:)


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  • Mangolover

    Ok great! Off to read it :)

    11 months ago
  • Quille

    BTW, first piece of my new series is up. It's called Fairy Chains.
    I hope you enjoy it! :D

    11 months ago
  • Quille

    Optimist's view on global warming: Trees and plants live on greenhouse gases. Polar bears would probably adapt to a warmer environment. And there wouldn't be winter anymore! :D
    Just trying to look on the bright side :DD

    11 months ago
  • paperbird

    Global warming terrifies me too.
    Someone who agrees with me on pineapple and pizza! Pineapple by itself is good, but IT DOESN'T WORK WITH PIZZA!!!

    11 months ago