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How I met My Girlfriend: A True Story

December 10, 2018


She was onstage, singing her heart out about lost love.
I was in the front row, knowing I had found my first love.

She had short curly brown hair that curled at the ends, just past her chin. Her skin was a fair peach color, spalttered with bits of freckles. Her rosy, pink lips were curled up in a shy smile. And when her hazel eyes, flecked with green and gold, locked with mine:
I squeaked. A fifteen year old linebacker on the football team, otherwise known as me, squeaked when a girl I barely knew locked eyes with me.

I was smitten. Absolutely smitten.
And I wasn't letting go..

I learnt her name was Izzi from my friend, Matt. He looked at me strange, even after the show.
"Dude, you have the hots for Izzi?"
I nodded.
"Are you getting hard for her?"

I told him to fuck off. 
But I immediately shut up.
Because there she was, standing in a pair of blue jeans and a pastel pink sweatshirt, giggling at me. A knapsack was slung on her shoulder.
She was petite, short, and a little bit..I don't know, chunky? 

"Hi," She waved me over.
"Hey," I stuck my hands in my pockets and made my way over as smoothly as I could.
"Sorry about my friend," I said sheepishly, pulling at the strings of my own sweatshirt. It was ratty and grey.
"It's fine,I know how that is." Izzi gave Matt a sideways glance. "I have three older brothers."
We struck up conversation right away. We sat at a bench until her mom came to pick her up.
We exchanged numbers.
Our relationship evolved, until we had a legitimate ship name; Antizzi

Then I got a call from her mom.
Izzi was in the hospital.
She was in an accident. She was badly injured.
I almost had a panic attack on the way to the hospital, my dad had to calm me down.
The doctors wouldn't let me in her room until she was cleared for visitors.
I cried.
I legitimately cried.
Until I heard her voice, and she opened her bruised arms for a hug.
I buried my face in her chest and sobbed.
"I was worried you were gonna die.." I remembered saying.
She just laughed, and said;
"I'm never gonna leave you, Anthony."



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  • fatpanda

    I'm really happy for you!

    over 1 year ago
  • Ryder

    That's so sweet!

    over 1 year ago