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A Deep Shadow

February 3, 2016


A deep shadow
Is what I'm reincarnating  into.

I need the script
On how to deal with life.

I can't tell the disparity
Between Guns and Roses
Because remember,
Every rose has its thorn.

I've lost my only one direction
And motivation.

I'm poison. 

I've been trying to
Catch my breath.

I can't.

I'm lost.
And nobody's home.

A deep shadow 
Is what I'm reincarnating into.

I want to go 
On an expedition.
1970 something to be exact.
The dream was alive, 
Not deceased.

Ever since I've discerned 
What our era has done,
Melancholy has won...

One lapse defeated me.
That's all it took.
A deep shadow
Is what I'm turning into.

I'm burning up.
Burning out of distilled water.
Drying out. 

Losing hope for our
Because I know,
If I had,
tupac's of a
Pair of dimes.
You wouldn't change ya paradigm...

Because I know,
Your love for green 
Comes from greed.

Seven deadly sins.
I've committed all 
Of them.

I think the urge
To please is over.
I am a sinner,
Who's probably
Gonna sin again.

A deep shadow 
Is what I've become.


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