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{Chapter One: Stillwater } It's Published!!!!!!!! The first chapter!

December 10, 2018


                Aria ran around the room, picking up clothes then throwing them back down again, seemingly at random. Glancing over she looked in the mirror.A blouse seriously, is this girl going to an interview or something?  The girl in the mirror turned to a calendar on the lavender wall next to her, it read Student, Parent and Teacher Conference. Oh, that makes more sense, Aria considered. The girl in the mirror walked out the door and down the stairs to the main floor. Finally, I'm off work for a bit.
 Aria Wilson lives in a place called the Mirror Realm, this purple tinted dimension is where all of our reflections live. Yes, our reflections are actual people. They're job, from the day your born, is to make sure you always have a reflection, which can be annoying when they're off duty, and having conversations, then just pop away, literally, to be your reflection. Aria is the reflection of a snooty, popular girl by the name of Chase James. A milky chocolate skinned, beautiful haired girl, who is spoiled rotten and is never told no, ever. 
" Mom, I'm home," Aria called from the hallway. When Aria sat down at a small, patched couch in the living room a little black and white dog ran up to her. " Hey Stillwater! How was the dog park?" The little puppy wagged his tail, yipping and hopping on her lap.
" He did pretty good, but he missed you," Aria's mom told her. Karon Wilson was a beautiful lady, and very kind, everyone she met could tell that right away and they loved her for it. Aria stretched, and asked," When does school start again?" 
" Whenever you get on the computer, but preferably before midnight, hmm," Mom gave her a pointed look," Unlike yesterday." Aria gave her a sheepish look," It's not my fault really, Chase went to that party at her friend's remember?" Karon rolled her eyes. " I'm gonna go---- Oh dang it, have to go bye." Aria waved. She had started to feel her toes tingle, which was a tell tale sign her Reflector was close to a mirror. With a pop, Aria was sitting down at a mirror, fluffing her hair.  Hmm, a fish tail braid, don't you think that's a bit much Chasey? Ooh a french braid, I can live with that. Aria walked out of the bathroom mirror and into the hallway mirror.  Chase looked down to her phone and there Aria was pinching her lips. Oh Chase, your so pretty without the attitude and the makeup. If only I could tell you that. That was the thing though, if a reflection and it's reflector ever so much as passed each other in either world unspeakable things would happen. Unspeakable, because no one knew what would happen, it had never been a problem before and hopefully never would, thanks to the Mirror Gates being locked. 
  Chase left the house and Aria popped back home," So, what was I saying?"  Aria's mom looked at her with panicked eyes," I can't find Stillwater." 
Aria froze," What?"


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