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I would write a bio but I think I'm gonna just let my writing do the talking for me

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Rule #1 : Write For Yourself

Rule #2: Follow Rule #1

Rule #3: Figure Out Who You Are

Rule #4: Find People Who Are Like You And Appreciate You For Who You Are

Rule #5: Tell Those People You Love Them (Do It Cause Believe It Or Not, With 7.4 Billion People In The World, I've Only Met Five People Who Are Like This. So Cherish Them)

Rule #6: Be positive (Why? You'll see..)

Rule #7: ...Ehhhh ran out of rules, just remember to write ALOT

Jumping Rope

December 10, 2018


We start off, tumbling on our feet, awkward and sort of scared. We doubt ourselves when the rope comes."Can I do it?""Will I do it? After a while we take our first jump and for the first time, land successfully on our feet. A rush of euphoria flows through us. "I can do it!?" The journey is not easy on the way we get caught by the rope and we trip and fall but we must not let the rope win. We can either bend to the rope or let it bend to us. Sometimes the rope twists and throws new creative challenges in our wake, and we just have to find new creative ways to tackle them. Finally at some point, we find a rhythm, a style to our jumping. We figure out how to bend the rope, how to come back from a fall, and how to handle new challenges. Suddenly, jumping rope doesn't seem all that hard anymore.  


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