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If you've been following this mini-series, thanks! This was just my take on the Pearl Harbor attacks. If you looked at the footnotes of Part 1, I explained why I decided to do this.
Like I said, thanks for following this series with me.

Mission, pt. 5 (Finale)

December 10, 2018


Mission, pt. 4
Mission, pt. 3
Mission, pt. 2
Mission, pt. 1
My hands shake as we stand in formation. There is no sound but the wind howling over our heads. My black military uniform is crisp and ironed from my mother's careful hands. My hat is soft and lightly sits on top of my head. I stand with a straight back amongst my comrades. 
Lieutenant Saito, Commander Rei, and General Towusaga all stand in front of the black-lined aisle. As soon as the Japanese flag is lifted, I, along with every other soldier, salute. The pledge is said and the national anthem is sung. My spirit isn't in either of them. 
Commander Rei steps forward and lets out a deep breath. I watch as he salutes and goes into resting position. He proceeds to list dozens of names, memorized in his skull. My chest tightens with every name, with every face. "--Samurai Crew: Pilot Sato Ichiro, Co-pilot Yoshida Haruki, Left Bomber Kimura Eito, Right Bomber Shimizu Jiro. The Asteroid Crew: Pilot Watanabe Haru, Co-pilot Ikeda Kaito, Left Bomber Kobayashi Jun, Right Bomber Maeda Kaiyo. Black Murrelet's Right Bomber Suzuki Hinata..." 
My legs tremble and I suck in a shuddering breath. Ito Kaiyo, next to me, sobs openly. I don't blame him. We both lost most of our friends. 
I try not to cry loudly, but the cold tears slip down my cheeks anyway. I don't want to think about Haru's parents. Or Jun's. Or Hinata's. I don't want to imagine seeing The Asteroid crash into the water. Lieutenant Saito said that the jet's engine malfunctioned. Haru tried to land them on Pearl Harbor but his efforts were futile. They crashed. They drowned. 
"I'm joining the Air Defense. I want to be able to protect Japan!" Haru yelled during dinner. His mother stared at him in shock before fainting, falling backward. His father just grabbed his mother and sighs. 
"If you insist, Haru" his father mumbled. Haru grinned triumphantly. 

I just stare at my bowl. Brown rice and some pork sit inside. I glance at the ramen bowl beside it. I'm no longer hungry. I look up and give Haru a glare. "I'm joining the Air Defense too. If I don't, Haru will get himself killed" I grumbled. Haru's expression sours immediately while my parents just laughed. 
"Youta, you're scared of heights. Haru will be fine" mother rubs my hair affectionately. 
"This is just a phase, Watanabe. Haru won't ever join the Air Defense" father mumbles, sticking ramen into his large mouth. Mr. Watanabe nods and tries to wake his wife up. Haru sits down, obviously defeated. 
will join the Air Defense. I promise" he grumbles. 
Commander Rei clears his throat and turns away for a moment. I hear sobs echo over the dead field. Withered grass cracks and snaps under the weight of our feet. The dry wind pushes my hat off of my head and I lean down to pick it up. 
When I get up, Commander Rei continues speaking. "These men died valiantly for our country. They have no idea what their sacrifice has given to us. Japan will be victorious in this war because of these soldiers!" 
We salute, only because we have to. I don't want to salute. I don't want to move. I want to find my mother and let her hold me. My hands shake as I salute. Kaiyo doesn't salute, his face buried in his hands. His sobs are loud and rough. I want to tell him to stop crying. I want to tell him to be strong, for all of us. But I don't... because I want to do the same thing. 
"Let's go home, Haru," I mumbled as I passed him in the school field. He quickly turned and walked beside me. We walked in silence for a few miles before I get bored. "Are you still planning to join the Air Defense?" 
"Of course. I'll be a pilot," Haru grinned and stopped in front of a food truck. I sighed and fished out my wallet as he peers over the wares. "Four 
yaki imos please!" The woman inside grinned and headed toward her wood stove to prepare the baked sweet potatoes. 
I handed the woman my money and grabbed the 
yaki imos from her. "If you insist, I suppose I can join the Air Defense too. I'll be one of those cool people who do all the brain work" I grumbled and continued walking. 
Haru snatched a 
yaki imo from my grip and took a large bite. "Sure, if you want. But I can take care of myself. Don't baby me, Youta." 
As soon as the ceremony is over, I stumble over to my parents. But, before I can reach them, Mr. and Mrs. Watanabe round on me. Their faces convey pure shock and pain. I can only bow my head to them to hide my tears. 
"Where's my son, Youta?" Mr. Watanabe snaps. I shake my head, trying to resist telling them what happened. I don't want to have to speak to them. 
"Youta. Please, look at me, sweetie. Where's Haru?" Mrs. Watanabe whispers, her voice soft. I want nothing more than to tell them, but I can't. 
Arms envelop me and I find myself in my father's protective arms. As much as I want to bury myself in his warmth, I'm more surprised than anything. My father never shows anything other than aggression. "Please, Watanabe. Leave Youta alone" father whispers. I hear Mrs. Watanabe's sob as she realizes what my father is saying. I want to scream at her, so I rush out of my father's arms. 
"He died trying to protect his crew! Haru didn't back down. He's not a coward. Haru is a hero and he tried to save them. I'm so sorry. I'm s-s-so sorry. I didn't... I should have protected him. I didn't mean for this to happen!" I sob, my voice breaking. I drop to my knees and continue to whisper than I'm sorry. Maybe the kami will hear my pleas. Maybe they'll bring Haru back to me. 
"I did it, Youta! Look, right here!" Haru yelled, sliding open the beige door of the classroom. My entire class turned to stare at him. I wanted to crawl under my desk and die. But, I can't. Haru stumbles over to me, a grin plastered on his face. I haven't seen him smile in front of people for a long time. "I got into the Air Defense Junior program. I just got the letter." 
I gasped and took the letter from his shaking fingers. I read over the entire letter, my eyes widened in disbelief. I heard the teacher coming closer, his ruler banged on several desks. "Congrats, Haru! I really mean it. When will you be leaving?" I asked. Haru took back the letter and started backing up, his gaze on my threatening teacher. 
"In a few days. Promise me, Youta, you'll join the Air Defense too. I want... I want to do this together" he begged, his dark eyes pleading with me. I bit my lower lip and reached into my backpack. My teacher reached my desk and was yelling at me to pay attention. I take out the invitation and wave it at Haru, a playful glint in my eyes. 
"I got accepted too. I'm going to the Junior program too!" I yelled. Haru broke out into a grin and hurried from the class before the teacher could get to him. 

"We'll do this together, Haru," I thought, staring at the acceptance letter on my desk. Even though I was getting punished by having to clean the windows after class, I smiled. "I promise you won't have to do this alone." 


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  • Quille

    It should be up soon.... but idrk when :)
    Looking forward to yours! I'm proud to be called a big fan of your writing :D

    10 months ago
  • korra4life

    Thanks for your feedback! I'll be sure to start working on the mini-series then.
    And I'm excited for your new series!

    10 months ago
  • Quille

    Yay! I think that a new series would be really cool and I would definitely try to be the first one to read it :D
    Youta is awesome and a chapter starring Haru would be really cool :)
    I didn't think anything about this chapter was confusing. I think you're referring to the flashbacks in italics? I thought that part was really well-done. Emotions were conveyed well enough to make me almost cry, which is a really rare thing. I can only think of four other times I've almost cried while reading :D
    Really looking forward to another mini-series! :D
    Also, my new series should be on here soon, but I'm not sure when :)
    I hope you have an awesome holiday! :DD

    10 months ago
  • korra4life

    Thanks so much, @Quille. You're this mini-series' number one fan. I'm glad you've enjoyed this series so far, and I'm planning on writing something in addition to it.
    I have another mini-mini-series in mind starring Youta. I'm also thinking about releasing a short chapter starring Haru. What do you think?
    And can you let me know, was this chapter confusing at all? And did you feel like the emotions were conveyed correctly?

    10 months ago
  • Quille

    AHHHH!! You had me almost in tears with this piece!!!!!!!!! :((( Why did you have to kill Haru??? Youta is still my favorite, but why did you have to kill his best friend?
    I love the way you did the italic part, it made this very much more meaningful.
    Fantastic job with this mini-series and I hope you write some more soon :)

    10 months ago