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Subway Lullabies #streetkids

December 28, 2018


    "Come on!" Amey giggled, sloshing her way through the moat. "We have to save the princess!"
    Olly followed close behind. "Die, bad guy, die!" he called.
    Amey spun around and grabbed his hand. "Hush little princess, don't you cry!" she sang. "We're gonna save your life tonight!"
    "That's not a real song!" Olly yelled.
    "It is now!"
    The castle loomed in front of them, but faded away when a distant voice cried, "Amey! Dinner's ready!"

    "Oh come on!" I yell at the pedestrians that waltz past without so much as a glance at me. I strum a G chord with all the frustration I can gather. An old man leaning against a post looks up at me.
    "What are you staring at?" I snap. He walks away.
    I place Berta back in her case and count the money in my tip jar. $100 for 5 hours. I can't stand all these slow days, but there's nothing else I can do.
    I race to the terminal right as people start to board the subway. Adrian stops playing his sax just to laugh as I run and to yell out to the rest of the platform, "Watch out world! Amelia Lowe is gonna whack you with her precious guitar if you don't let her on the subway!"
    I blow him a kiss but trip as I get on. I cling to the handlebar and swing myself inside.
    The sight in front of me causes my heart to choke out my lungs.
    His jaw is hardened and masked behind a beard, but I know that the child resting on his lap is unmistakably his. Ours.
    "Are you even listening to me Olly?" Amey whined, smacking his arm.
    He slowly turned away from the car window. "Yeah. You said you want to be the next Berta Spears. I've just been taught that if I've got nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all."
    Amey burst into laughter at how bad he misunderstood. Olly's brother turned around in the driver's seat, straight-faced, as he parked. "You're the one that wanted to get your girlfriend a guitar for turning double-digits, man."
    "She's not my girlfriend!" He blushed. "It's just Amey."

    "Are you listening, girl?"
    A woman glares at me from over her book. 
    "I'm sorry. What?"
    "There's an empty seat over there." She points right in front of her. Right next to Olly and Jackson. "I don't want you hovering over my shoulder. So move," she orders.
    Somehow I manage to thaw my frozen feet enough to stand in front of the seat and ask Olly, with a crack in my voice, "Is this seat taken?"
    He shakes his head no. I swing Berta off my shoulder and set her case on the floor. 
    "It's good to see you again," he mumbles.
    I can't take my eyes off of Jackson. His arm hangs off of the seat, his head draped over Olly's leg. 
    Olly clears his throat a bit. "He started school last week."
    "Yeah. He loves it." He takes a deep breath. "Especially music class."
    "Will you send me his school pictures?"
    Our eyes lock. There's a pain in his that never used to be there. "Of course. You still live with that saxophone player, right?"
    I look away. I forgot he knew about Adrian. "Yeah. Sorry I haven't written you in a while. I just... don't really know what to say to you anymore."
    "I don't know what to say." Olly paced the kitchen, his hands running through his hair in shock. "You're positive?"
    Amey crossed her arms. "Of course I'm positive. I took like 3 tests. I'm pregnant."  
    He shook his head. "What did your folks say?"
    "Didn't tell them. They'd want me to keep it. I can't give up my future for a baby. I'm sixteen!"
    Olly placed a hand on her slightly growing stomach. "This isn't a game Amelia. This is a child you're talking about. I know a kid isn't exactly good for that musical image you're wanting, but please. Let's work something out."

    "We can work something out. If you want to start seeing him." He strokes Jackson's hair as he yawns.
    "I think... that would be nice," I smile.
    The subway glides to a halt. He gently nudges Jackson. "Time to go home, Jax."
    The little boy's eyes flutter open. He looks up at his daddy, then looks at me as he swings his legs off the seat.
    He smiles as he takes Olly's hand. I want to walk out with them, catch up more over coffee, but I know I can't. All I can do is stare as they leave without looking back.
    "Cute kid, wasn't he?" the book woman comments.
    "Yeah," I whisper. "Real cute kid."
Based off of pictures 3, 5, and 7 at this link:
For --RosieOnTheRun (from reality)-- contest at this link (which I'm hopefully not too late for): 


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  • nezi_nes

    Hey! I just saw your message to writers. If you're feeling guilty about it, there's nothing wrong with not producing pieces. At all. Everybody has a time for certain things, and losing touch with things happens. Maybe it's not your season. But if you ever do pick up writing again, I'll sure be here to read them. Just don't feel pressured to churn out stuff if you don't feel in tune with yourself.
    If I by the off chance completely misunderstood the message, whoops! Don't mind this, then. Just know that loads of people already enjoy your writing as it is!
    - nezi_nes

    6 months ago
  • LackingASocialLife

    Hey fam! I’ve come onto wtw for some fleeting moments to find some old friends. I’ve got Instagram now (@mezagucci) so if you wanna chat dm me <3

    8 months ago

    Just wanted to mention; nice Message from Writer

    9 months ago
  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    Hi! I saw your comment on my piece about reviewing things. I would love for reviews on any chapters of The Game, but if you aren’t up for that (they’re kind of long) I’ll take anything! :) Thanks!

    10 months ago
  • AJ - Izzy

    Hey, contest results are up!

    11 months ago
  • Kahasai

    I didn't want the story to end. :) Really good work. Good job. I love your use of flashbacks and the relationship Olly and Amey have.

    11 months ago
  • The Bubbling Pen

    Hey nevaredhp :) I really loved this piece. I've sent the review off, so I hope you get it soon. Amazing work <3

    11 months ago
  • --RosieOnTheRun (from reality)--

    This is really good! I love the flashbacks and the way they slowly revealed the characters and their stories. It's also cool you incorporated more than one picture! Thank you for entering (:

    12 months ago