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a mixtape for the best parts of living

December 9, 2018

PROMPT: Mixtape

i. nina cried power by hozier ft. mavis staples
for the revolutionaries, a tribute to blood-colored fists and burning down tradition. i will don my black clothes and throw smoke bombs and bricks through windows if it leads to survival, and i thank the people who cleared the path for me.

ii. white tiger by izzy bizu
to the freedom of the earth-born children, to the freedom of travel and love and getting lost in the hills. when i marry you, i'll play this on the way to the honeymoon.

iii. would you be so kind by dodie
sunflowers and kisses made of sugar and daisies. laughter and laying in the sun for far too long, until our chests burst with happiness and unconditional, eternal love that always feels like the first day.

iv. espada by javiera mena
reminds me of santiago, where i'll bring you and show you the mountains where my soul was born. i'll speak my spanish, my mapudungun, my languages in which everyone is made of my love and want for adventure.

v. home ii by dotan
this is where la pachamama formed me, darling, these mountains, this ocean, this endless sky is where everything begins and everything ends. all of my faith comes from my ice-bold blood made of this land.

vi. mystery of love by sufjan stevens
somewhere in northern italy is the land where i will live the rest of my days. soft summer nights, bending peach trees and love that lasts until my breathing ceases. remember me on your deathbed and pray that you find me in the afterlife.

vii. visions of gideon by sufjan stevens
for the tradegy. you know that i love to see the beauty and the pure joy of life, but joy does not exist without terrible, terrible pain. this song is sacrifice made to see how beautiful everything is. i will always be kissing you in my dreams, darling.

viii. sweet to me by summer salt
and here is where we recover, my love. we have spent so many years loving each other like this, and i am sure we will spend another eternity knowing each other's secrets. i will live in this soft comfort with you forever.

ix. pull up by nicotine's famous honey
young lemonade love in the shade of suburban trees. let me tell you dirty jokes and drive you to the coffee shop, where you'll tell me about your day and i'll fall further and further in love with you.

x. thank u, next by ariana grande
bubblegum kisses and cotton candy clouds. let me do my makeup and paint glittery stars on my cheeks, and i'll come out even more in love with myself than before. dancing with my friends like pop stars and laughing on your bed.

xi. corduroy dreams by rex orange county
soft domesticity and warm cups of coffee on the counter. i'll make a big scrapbook filled with pictures of our kids as they grow, and candid pictures of you around the house. cat on my shoulder, arms around you, hands playing with my daughter's hair.

xii. dreams by beck
tell me stories of teenage rebellion and i'll live one of myself. make out on the hood of a car, drive to the beach on a whim and get too drunk with my best friends. we always say that we'll settle down eventually. maybe we never will.


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  • elisa

    dodie always xx

    over 1 year ago
  • she’s-got-a-story

    roman numeral game strong
    also dodie dodie dodie.
    also going to go find these songs to listen to while i'm writing :)

    over 1 year ago