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United States

Sea Shore

February 2, 2016

PROMPT: Setting as Mood

My toes curl at the soft sand, I breathe in and out. Deeply, centering myself into this universe. I glance around me, a large piece of driftwood stares back. Old and hollow, clinging onto dear life- yet hosting other forms of life within. Birds chirp their goodnights from within the log, blessing each other before bed. I lift my face to the cool sunset air, feeling the sun's kiss on my face. I shut my eyes, and embrace the sun's kisses before it leaves. The chilly night air starts to sink in, goosebumps on my arm raise. The moon awakens from its deep slumber, casting a silver glow throughout. I look at the tides, slowly rolling in and out. Like breathing. Massive boulders jut out, fighting against time, gravity, and waves. All is right in the world. 


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