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Waves - #Story EXAMPLE

December 11, 2018


There are only two things that are truly beautiful- the sunset, and fresh pie. 

Ten years ago, in the faraway land of Torch Lake Michigan, where the sun shimmers on the lake, creating illusions of lost loved ones through burning light, a tradition was held. 
Bubbling laughter was said to be heard over the lake, casting a glow like the setting sun, as we got ready for our first Poetry and Pie. 
Chairs were wrapped around a burning bonfire and the people sitting at them were laughing, smiling while looking at the sun over the waves and enjoying the presence of each other. 
It is at this exact place, in this exact time, that a tradition, a memory, sparked within the bonfire. 
My sister stood up and read an enchanting poem about miracles, and her words were followed by rewarding snaps, and the next person in the circle of readers. After everyone read, we looked over at the table which held all the delectable desserts we ordered, piles of pie and mounds of ice cream. We filed into a line and soon the ingredients on the table evaporated. 
Every year after that, we've done the same thing, with the same people, I would recite their names from memory but a sense inside me knows they would want privacy.
I will retell one. A legend. A crucial part of the tradition. 
Susan Zanner. 
The year of 2015, she couldn't taste the sweet pie, hear the angels tell poetry, or watch the sunset. No. She was tied to a hospital bed, cursed with a heart-aching tragedy. 
She was in the words of my sister's poem that year, famous among our group, but being in the words of a poem was not like being with the people reading that poem.
2017- My sister wrote a poem about the sun, about the beautiful colors and how those colors were Susan's favorite. Were.
She died that year, but we that celebrate her thriving Poetry and Pie know she's watching us with the role of a wave hit by the bright sun.

The waves that have shifted over the lake have changed the tide, and ripples are not always easy, whitecaps are not always smooth, but it's better to sail through them with a positive attitude- and to keep in mind that the ones we love will always be watching us in the glowing light of the sun. 
Omg I legit cried. 
This is an example for my competition! 
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