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December 11, 2018


A story is something you tell, not only through words- but through your heart.
I'm doing my first contest- so excited! Guidelines down below:

Poem/Nonfiction Short story

Has to be true to you!

Has to be important to you!

Has to have changed you in some way!

As personal as you want it to be. 

Word minimum: 50 words - 10 stanzas 
Word maximum: The freaking sky. 

Deadline: January 5- this should give you time to brainstorm and write an amazing, meaningful story. 

First place- Follow, review, multiple shoutouts
Second place- Follow, review, one shoutout
Third place- Follow, review

Your title - #Story

Hope you enjoy and will do this competition! I will post my entre as an EXAMPLE so it's not biased :) happy writing!

Link to my example:

Tell me in the comments if you're planning to do it

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