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NOTE: I know Aquaman is DC-but he's cool.
NOTE: this takes place before Izzi looses her sight.
Note: Sorry, Cap

Awkward Teenage Superheroes (3)

December 9, 2018


"Welcome to your new playroom, kids." Tony gave a sweeping motion to the giant hangar, that was filled with shock absorbent mats, weapons racks, and every piece of exercise equipment imaginable. 
The teens' echoes of awe bounced off the titanium walls. 
"This is awesome." Pearl's blue eyes went wide.
"You can say that again." Lee grinned as he teleported himself to the other side of the room.
"Glad you like it." Tony's grin only got wider. He rubbed his strong, withered hands together. "Now, let's make teams, shall we?"
The kids all glanced at each other and nodded. 
"Okay, guys-you can come in now." Tony yelled at the sliding titanium doors, which creaked open to reveal..superheroes galore.
"Pearl." Tony put a hand to the water-bending super's shoulder. 'You'll be paired with my good pal, Aquaman."
Aquaman waved at Pearl, beckoning them over. 
"Panda and Silva, you'll be hanging with Thor and I," Tony pointed to the son of Odin, who called. "Hello, young supers."
Both girls exchanged excited glances.
"Lee and Rosemary," Tony's smile hadn't faded. "You'll be hanging out with Captain Marvel."
Rosemary screamed, trying to hold back her excitement. "Oh, my God, this is actually happening."

"And, Izzi. You're with Cap." 
The girl looked up from her shoes and smiled shyly. "Cool."
Everyone went off with their supers, Izzi stayed in the training center.
Cap walked up to her cooly and casually, a smile on his scruffy face. "Hi," He said kindly, reaching out to shake the girl's hand.
Izzy took his hand, shaking it lightly. He was strong. Really, really, strong. 
"Hi." She said, a grin had started to take the place of her faux smile. "I'm Izzi, as you know."
"Yeah, I could've guessed. You don't have to call me Cap, you can call me Steve."
"So, can I see you fly?"
Oh.. they were starting.
"Sure." Izzi lifted off her feet, and stopped. 
"What's wrong? You don't fly in front of people?"
Izzi shook her head. 
"Okay, well, you're gonna have to get used to that. Give me a lap around here. Now."

Izzi just nodded. 
She lifted off her feet, rose about twenty feet, and started off. She slowly built momentum, gaining speed. 
"Good." Steve called. "Now try turning."
Wait, turning.
Oh, the wall.
The wall.
"Wah!" Izzi screeched as she plummeted with a hard thump to the ground below.
"Oh, we have a lot of work to do." Cap sighed. "Starting with your training gear, let alone flying."
"What's wrong with my dinosaur shirt?" Izzi raised an eyebrow.
Cap facepalmed. "Do you want your image to shriek 'I'm a five year old' when you're in combat?"
"I guess not."
"I'll get Natasha to hook you up with something."


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  • panda!

    Loooooove it!

    over 2 years ago
  • Aussie23

    Couldd I be in it? Or am i too late? My power could be healing if so and my name... Uh... Emma. Im some what shy too.
    I love this series sooo much!!!!!

    over 2 years ago
  • korra4life

    Love how you're incorporating actual superheroes in this! Yea... Cap's personality seems pretty on point. I wish you showed Tony's arrogant side already, but it's fine. I have enough patience to wait for his confidence.

    over 2 years ago
  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    Oh man this is so great XD This is my second favorite thing I've read today!

    over 2 years ago
  • rosemarywisdom


    There you go. That's dialogue. XD ;)

    over 2 years ago
  • .audrey michelle.

    oooooooooooooo.... kewl

    over 2 years ago