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Hey everybody,here's my poem for December ninth! Hope you all enjoy!!! Please read and comment on,I want to know what you think!!!

Nice And Naughty,A Poem For December Ninth:

December 9, 2018


Description: Hey all,today is December ninth,the ninth day of the Christmas season! Today's poem is about Nice and Naughty,a pair of magical beings who help Santa Claus know which children have been nice and which children have been naughty. How are they able to do to this you ask? Read and find out! Enjoy!

Rated: K+ (just to keep it safe)

Every Christmas story shows

That Santa always knows

Which children have been naughty or nice

How to tell who's been bad or good

He checks his list and he checks it twice

That is what we've always understood

But,how does Santa always know?

On how children have behaved?

Does he use a magic crystal or an all seeing eye made of snow?

Such knowledge we have craved

But,there is a reason Santa always knows

Which children have been saints and which ones have been haughty

He is assisted by two spirits,both as lovely as a rose

By the names of Nice and Naughty

Nice and Nighty are sisters two

Ones with superb hearing and sight 

Watching over children is what they do

Observing their behavior day and night

Nice can see and hear which children have been good

Wishing people pleasant days,as all people should

Friendly is she,always there with a smile

Merry and charming,her jolliness will beguile 

Naughty on the other hand,is proper and rather stern 

Misbehavior she's not enthusiastic about

Nasty deeds and mischief are of her concern

She finds displeasure in those who whine,gripe,or shout

 Formal and serious is her attitude

Yet,she's not cruel or mean

Always polite and never rude

Rather fond of hot cocoa and Christmas music serene

It is their duty to report

To Santa on how the children are behaving

Whether they've been a good sort

Or have been complaining and raving

They never miss a hour

Of how the children are doing

Be it morning or the afternoon,they're always viewing

Even if it's a child looking at a flower

Once the day has ended,

They give Santa their report

Nice tells him how the children were splendid

And Naughty tells him how they did not comport

Once they've finished,Santa goes to check his list

Taking into account every word they'd said 

Going every each child,making sure not one is missed

With all the information he's been fed

Even when doing something that will give them pleasure

They can still see how the children are acting

Able to see if they're being good or bad while they're indulging in leisure 

Be they doing their chores or making their parents upset by being distracting

They does this every year,

All 365 days 

Making sure children are either of good cheer

Or behaving in unfavorable ways

Christmas is when they work the most

When carols are sung and ham is cut by the sliver

Seeing which children have been good or bad the most

So Santa knows which children will get the presents he'll deliver

 Clever and perceptive,

They can seen and tell if a child is good or unruly

Nice and Naughty can tell when a child is being deceptive 

Or if they are kind and gentle truly 

One might accuse them of spying,

But,Santa needs to know

Which children are truthful and which ones are lying

So he knows which ones get presents when he has to go 

He doesn't give presents to anyone 

His presents are something you must earn 

He's known this since his job as Santa had begun

That is a lesson we all must learn

So,now you all the truth 

About how Santa knows

The good and bad deeds of every youth

As this poem clearly shows

So,make sure you all are good and wise

Be giving and not haughty

For your actions are under the watchful eyes

Of the sisters two,Nice and Naughty

Here's my poem December ninth,everyone! Enjoy everyone!


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