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Mission, pt. 3

December 10, 2018


Mission, pt. 2
Mission, pt. 1
I check the fuel tank for the seventh time, my fingers shaking as I unclamp the top of the container. I don't bother with trying to find Ito Kaiyo or Tanaka Masaru or even Watanabe Haru. There's no point; we're all going to the same place anyway. 
I climb down from the fighter's insides and jump onto the cement below. My heavy brown boots thud against the floor as I make my way towards the side of the jet. 
I stare at the large black and white bird painted on the side. The beady eyes of the murrelet watch me as I come closer and rest my hand against the jet. The Japanese Murrelet lives on the rocky islets surrounding Japan. They survive in places that not every animal can. These birds are survivors... I hope my crew will be too. 
"Nakarmura. We have to take off in five" Masaru yells as he runs toward the fighter. I nod and pull away from the jet. I just turn and walk down the tarmac. Several other fighters are on this side of the strip; most of these jets are painted with random images, such as a Japanese woman or Iron Man. I head straight for the black fighter painted with an asteroid on the side. 
I duck under several ladders on the tarmac and hop up the stairs leading into the fighter. Kobayashi Jun hurries past me, tying his lucky gold chain on. He gives me a wink as he clambers down the metal steps. 
I slip through the hall, passing the bomber pits and the navigation room. I enter the pilot room and step up to the console, staring at the various lit buttons and levers. "Don't touch anything, Youta" Haru warns behind me. I turn to see him enter the room, his helmet tucked under his arm. I stare at his dark uniform and give him a slight nod. 
"You look ready, Haru. I wish you luck" I say softly. Haru watches me and then suddenly closes the gap between us. He wraps his arms around me, dropping his helmet on the metallic floor. The thud echoes through the jet. 
I hug him tightly, pressing my chin against the top of his head. We've been on several missions before; most of them, he's gone without me. But this was the first time we'd be on separate jets. I don't trust anyone else as much as I trust Haru. And... I have a terrible ache in the pit of my stomach. This isn't a good mission for either of us to go on. 
"Masaru is a good pilot. He's much better than I am. You'll be fine" Haru mumbles, pulling away from me. He quickly wipes his eyes, brushing his slender fingers through his hair. I nod and shove my hands into my pockets. 
"You'll do fine too. You're a much better pilot than you allow yourself to think. Just don't freak out when we get close to the island" I clear my throat. We stare at each other for a moment before Haru moves around the room, checking the console. 
"Well, don't freak out when you get in the air. Just remember--" Haru starts. 
"Remember that the sky is just another medium. It's just like the ground or the sea. I remember, Haru," I give hima quick nod. He gives me a slight smile and I smile back. I know that he's worried for me and for himself. But, I don't want him to worry. "And anyway, I'm supposed to reminding you not to freak out." 
Kobayashi steps in the room, throwing Haru a watch. "Lieutenant Saito says it's time to take off. We're going to our positions, Watanabe" Jun says softly, giving me a side look. Haru nods and Jun turns and ducks under the doorway to get to the pit.
I stare at Haru before saying softly, "I wish you the best, Haru." He nods again and I can see tears forming in his eyes. I give him a bright smile before hurrying out of their fighter. I stomp down the stairs and onto the cement tarmac. I take off running to the end of the strip, where the Black Murrelet awaits. Kaiyo stands on the steps and waves me over. 
"Really, Youta? You have to wait for the last minute? Help me close the door," he grumbles as I step past him. We collapse the stairs and tuck them under the floor. Kaiyo tugs the heavy door to shut, wincing as the loud clang echoes through the jet. "Good luck, Youta." I give him a hug before hurrying down the aisle and to the pilot room. 
"Nakamura Youta, ready for duty. Should I stay in navigation?" I ask Masaru, who is hovering over the glowing console. He glances at me and shakes his head. 
"Youta, I want you in here by my side. Bring in the portable navigational equipment. We take off in T minus two minutes" Masaru snaps. I nod and rush to the navigational room. I pull the navigational table and set into the pilot room and set myself up in the corner. The co-pilot, Yamamoto Riku hurries inside and sits in his chair. I pull on my helmet and strap myself into my seat. 
Masaru sits in his pilot seat and both he and Riku start the jet up. I do my best not to panic from the shudder that echoes through the fighter. Masaru speaks into his comm set before nodding. The jets in front of start to move in formation, preparing for take-off. 
"Hold on, soldiers. The Black Murrelet is about to take to the skies" Masaru murmurs in the jet-wide comm. 


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  • Quille

    Personally really enjoy the Japanese names :) I congratulate you for using them so well!! :)D

    11 months ago
  • korra4life

    Thanks so much! Sorry it took me so long to see your comments.
    Japanese names are much more complicated than ours, that’s for sure, :D

    11 months ago
  • Fernweh

    Oh my god...they are going...WOW this is so cool I love where this going... I am so fascinated by Japanese names...they are weird (no offense to Japanese people)

    11 months ago
  • Quille

    I am loving the suspense build-up here :) And the emotions! You did such a fantastic job writing these pieces, I think they're getting better and better as I go :)) The intrigue and character development is still going strong and I'm enjoying it a lot.
    Good job and I wish there were more pieces to read :D

    11 months ago