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Mission, pt. 2

December 10, 2018


Mission, pt. 1
"That is all. Soldiers, prepare yourselves. Tomorrow, you take off," Commander Rei says softly, gazing at each of us with meaning in his eyes. I've always liked him; he was the kindest Commander that this army had. He was also a man of few words, so unlike Lieutenant Saito. "Remember, this is the most important mission that you soldiers will ever have to fly into. We wouldn't ask you to risk your lives if this wasn't important for Japan." 
I salute along with everyone else. As soon as Commander Rei sits down at his mahogany desk, signaling for us to leave, I turn on my heels and march out. I head straight for the bunks, hoping to avoid everyone else.
If this was any other mission, I'd be ecstatic. I loved having something to do besides train and clean. But, this is the mission that would mean thousands of innocents would die. This is important for Japan, Youta, I tell myself. Shake yourself out of this. Think about what this would mean for everyone else. 
I pass the Mess Hall, the Yellow Unit preparing the hall for dinner. The darkening sky above cast an eerie look on the entire camp. I hope there isn't going to be a storm; my unit, Green, will have to mop out the water from the bunks. I wave to a few soldiers jogging on the track, just for the sake of normality. But, this is nothing like normal. 
I'll either die or I'll have to kill. I don't know which I'd rather choose. Honestly speaking, I have killed people before. It's normal during a war. But, I've never had to kill innocents just for the sake of weakening another country. That's wrong, isn't it? 
A hand rests on my shoulder and I turn to see Ito Kaiyo. He gives me a lazy grin as we march towards the bunks. "I can't believe it. You, me, Haru, Masaru... the entire crew!" 
I struggle to keep my hands from shaking. I shove them into my pockets and give Kaiyo a smile. "Watanabe is on another fighter, remember? Masaru is our pilot" I shake my head at Kaiyo's stupidity. I don't think he paid attention during the briefing. 
"Watanabe Haru should be on our jet. And, anyway, why do you keep calling him Watanabe? He's, like, your brother. Just call him Haru like everyone else," Kaiyo grumbles and looks over his shoulder. He quickly pulls away from me. "Speak of the kami."
I roll my eyes and turn to see Haru walking towards us. His light brown hair is tucked beneath his red hat. I hit Kaiyo on the arm. "The Americans say, 'speak of the devil.' You're just insulting the kami.
"Same thing, right?" Kaiyo shoots me a grin and scurries toward Haru before I can hit him again. Kaiyo hides behind Haru as he comes up to me. Haru just gives me a cool look before nodding once and walking away. Kaiyo follows him and so do I. I keep my hands in my pocket, momentarily distracted from the looming mission in front of us. It's just the guys and I for tonight. 
As soon as we enter our bunk, Kobayashi Jun throws a boot at Kaiyo, who ducks to avoid the heavy grey boot. "You thief! Masaru told me that you were organizing my stuff. Where are my magazines?" Jun shouts and comes toward us. Jun was a shocking six feet five inches. Most Japanese men wouldn't get anywhere near that height. 
Haru and I avoid his menacing frame and sit on my bunk. We watch in silence as Jun smacks Kaiyo repeatedly, waiting for Kaiyo to give up and reveal the location of the magazines. We all know not to mess with Jun and his belongings; almost everything he brought to camp has a special meaning to him. No one knows why nor do we try to ask. 
"Kobayashi and Ito, stop playing with one another. Shouldn't you be packing?" Tanaka Masaru snaps, stepping inside the bunk. He slips off his boots and leaves them by the door. Haru salutes him quickly, but I stay seated. Masaru won't bother with punishing me. From the haunted look in his dark eyes, I can tell that he's as shaken by our mission as I am. 
"Sorry, Captain. Ito Kaiyo stole my magazines again" Jun sighs, holding Kaiyo in a headlock. Kaiyo's face is growing red and his mouth is open as he struggles to speak and breathe. Masaru just sighs and turns to stare at them. Jun lets go of Kaiyo, a bit grudgingly. Kaiyo falls to the ground and takes several gasps of air. 
Haru stands and steps past him, heading out of the room. I follow, confusion knitting my eyebrows together. We walk in silence around the bunks and towards the stables. 
"Watanabe, is there something wrong?" I ask, catching up to his quick steps. He slows down and takes off his hat, running a hand through his cropped hair. 
"Nakamura Youta, can we just be casual, please?" Haru snaps. I frown and stop, crossing my arms over my chest. Haru comes to a stop and just throws his hat on the ground. I watch as he stomps on it, his anger written on every line of his face. Once he stops, he wipes away the sweat--and tears?-- from his face. "I don't want to fly a fighter to Pearl Harbor, Youta. What have they done to us?" 
I don't bother hiding my surprise; Haru is the most patriotic and calm person I have ever met. I swallow the lump in my throat and sigh. "Haru... I don't know. We have no choice but to do what we've been told. It'll be fine, anyway, since you're flying with experienced soldiers. Isn't Jun your bomber?" I ask, trying to be cheerful. Haru stares at me, his lips quivering. I just open my arms and let him hug me. 
I was seven when I met Haru for the first time. He was six years old. He and his parents just moved to Hiroshima. We became neighbors and friends immediately. I've always felt the need to protect him; and he always felt the need to stop being a burden to me. 
So, feeling him cry into my chest is different. It hurts to see him so weak and confused. But, there's nothing I can do. I'm confused and weak too. We just have to suck it up and follow our orders. That's what soldiers do.


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  • korra4life

    Thanks so much, both of you!

    11 months ago
  • Fernweh

    I am really glad that unlike Elfboy this series doesn't have cliffhangers...@quille you are a master of cliffhangers your descriptions are so good that i can feel what the soldiers are feeling and what Youta is feeling....well i just wanted to share something...No its k.....ok here goes nothing....when i read the first chapter I thought Watanabe was wannabe i missed the T... :DDDDD Anyways this is some good stuff to read... good going

    11 months ago
  • Quille

    I'm glad you did turn it into a series, I'm loving it! :D You could seriously turn it into a book. I would read it :DD
    As for that cliffhanger remark.... are you trying to make me get a big head?? :D
    And, don't humble yourself by saying that!!!
    *Pretend scolding face* :DD

    11 months ago
  • korra4life

    Don't humble yourself!
    And don't worry; I get the feeling of wanting to savor everything. I feel bad for only writing 5 parts, but this wasn't even supposed to be a series. I just got really caught up with Lieutenant Saito's anger at Youta for wearing pajamas to role call in the first part. Oops, :D

    11 months ago
  • Quille

    I am no master of cliffhangers!!!
    BTW, I like the main character even better now that I know he's not a girl :)
    I hope I don't seem like I'm taking forever to read these, but I was kinda trying to savor them since there's only five parts :D
    I REALLY am enjoying them and love your style of writing :DD

    11 months ago
  • korra4life

    Thanks! I'm glad that the characters were introduced well; that was my main worry.
    I know... I'm not a master of cliffhangers like you are :D
    Thanks for commenting!

    11 months ago
  • Quille

    Wow, I am really liking this and looking forward to reading more :)))
    I like the fact that it's easy to read and understand everything as it happens. You introduce the characters really well and I like the development I see; it's relatable and intriguing.
    You really got me with the last few sentences. It's not as much of cliffhanger as the last one, but I can't wait to read the next piece :DD

    11 months ago