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Awkward Teenage Superheroes (2)

December 8, 2018


When word had gotten out that the youngest Moonlight super, Izzi, was getting her own mission. People were skeptical. Extremely skeptical. Were her parents mad? The girl didn't have powers. Any real powers. She hadn't been trained. 
It was like letting a wild mustang into a rodeo arena: it wasn't a good idea in the slightest.

Izzi didn't care. This mission was hers. All hers.

And she wanted to bring her friends along. Because, the more the merrier, right?

"I came as soon as you called." Rosemary sat on the white sectional couch tha took up most of the family's living room.
"You were talking so fast, I thought you were on sugar rush, again."
"Can I help it if I'm excited?" Izzy squealed, pacing the air-that's right-she was walking on air. She turned to face her friend. "I can finally show people that I'm not something to be passed over."
"Well, I suppose that's a good point." Rosemary lifted a flower pot from its resting place without lifting a finger. "But have your parents told you what the mission even is?"

That was the million dollar question. Izzi landed on her feet with a dull thump and sighed. "No."

There was a deep, rumbling noise then a light, airy ding.

"Oh, that's probably Panda," Izzi ran to meet the elevator door. "Hold up one sec, Rose." 
The elevator doors parted, only to reveal Gypsy, dressed in school clothes, a boy by her side. 
"Oh, it's only you," Izzi said flatly. 
"Likewise, you little maggot." Gypsy turned her nose up, and led the boy out of the contraption by the arm, dragging him along. "Would it kill you to be a little kinder?"
The boy looked back at Izzi, and gave her a gracious smile. She recognized him immediately.
"Hey, Peter." She gave him a head nod. "How goes it?"
"Everything's good," He said politely. "You must be pretty excited for that mission--"
Gypsy yanked at Peter's arm, shocking him. "Come along, Web-Boy, we have work to do."
Izzi turned to watch them leave, making a face to the their backs, specifically Gypsy's.
"Uh, hey, Izzi." There stood Panda, still in the elevator. As usual, her face was covered with a mixture of motoroil and sweat, her dark hair was unkempt, and stuck out in odd places. Oh her forehead was where a pair of steampunk goggles rested. 
"Panda?" Izzi pulled her friend from the elevator, watching it close and zoom back up the metal tube it disperesed from. "Were you there the entire time? I'm so sorry."
Panda smiled shyly. "It's fine." She pulled something small from her pocket and cradled it in her palms. "I've been working on something for all of us, since we're going a mission."
Izzi raised an eyebrown before peering into her friend's palm. It was a little square shaped object, a cube.
"They're P.A.C.S." Panda explained. "Personalized Automated Companionship Systems. This one is yours."
At that exact moment the cube transformed into a tiny little robot, whirring and clicking. It's tiny facescreen blinked at Izzi.
"Hello, Miss Moonlight. How may I assist you on this fine day?" It had a light, sweet, tinny voice.
Izzi giggled. "Panda, this is adorable, Thank you so much."
Pacs flew over to Izzi, landing on her shoulder, nuzzling her gently. Izzi smiled. "You're a cutie-pie, I'm gonna call you Dolly."
Dolly's pixelated eyes went wide. 'Oh, Miss Moonlight, I do like that name very much. Thank you."
"What's up?" Lee suddenly showed up behind Panda, a smirk on his face. "All I heard was that Izzi got a mission to herself."
Panda froze before turning around. 
Izzy just smiled. "Nice of you to drop in, Fudge. I was wondering whether you were gonna come or not."
Lee ran a hand through his short hazel coloured locks, his brown eyes wavered. "Well, I can teleport, y'know. It's not that hard for me to get from one place to the other."
"True." Izzi chided. Dolly had landed on her head by this point, nestling in her curls. "I wish I could do that."

The elevator door pinged open again and out came Pearl and Palindrome, also dressed in school clothes. Pearl was busy manipulating water, encapsualting it between her slender, thin fingers. 
"Hey, you guys." Izzi winced at Dolly constant pulling. "What's up?"
Palindrome, affectionately known as Pali, gazed up at Dolly. "Aw, what a cute little thing. What is it?"

Dolly's gaze focused on Pali. "Ah, Miss Palindrome, you have the power to manipulate sound."
Pali's eyes widened. "How did you know?"
"Panda programmed me to." The robot looked down at its master. "And I can tell what Miss Moonlight is thinking."

"You're what?!" Gypsy's irrritable squaking. 
Izzi just sighed and floated down the hall, giving her friends a sympathetic smile.
There she saw Gypsy and her parents in the kitchen, Gypsy's expression aghast.
"What's up?" Izzi groaned.
"Mom's pregnant." Gypsy gave her sister a sideways glance .
"Oh," Izzi's gaze flicked to her mother, who sat across from Gypsy, a shy smile on her lips. Her eyes were filled with tears of joy.
"Was this the second surprise?" Izzi joked, grabbing her mother's hand.
Elenora just laughed. "It's nice that you think that way, darling."
"Yes," Thomas, their father, laughed. "As opposed to other people."
"You're too old to be having more kids!" Gypsy whined. "Mom, aren't you like, fifty?"
'I'm thirty-eight, Gypsy Wren Moonlight." Elenora said curlty. "I'm still within the age limit."

"Oh, and we have something else to add." Thomas put his hands to Izzi's shoulders, his hulking figure towering over her petite, stocky one. "You have a combat trainer now, kid. Two, in fact."
"Oh, really? Who?" The excitement in the fifteen year old bubbled up again.
"How do Captain America and Iron Man sound?"

There were screams of joy from the hall, Izzi turned to see her friends, on the verge of spontaneously combusting with excitement.
"We're going to meet The Avengers?!" Rosemary shook her friend by the shoulders.
'I guess so?" Izzi squealed.

Then how did things go so wrong.
What, Izzi thought to herself, had happened, that she was landed in Tony's Starks own personal infirmary, with only vision in one eye?



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  • korra4life

    This is a good start to the series. It's interesting to see your take on the characters.

    over 1 year ago
  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    And there I am! :D Just an FYI, the first part of my name would be Early. XD No hate, I really love this!

    over 1 year ago
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    *audrey comes in* THE AVENGERS??!?

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  • fatpanda

    Thank you for this chapter! This book seems really cool, can't wait to read more of it!!

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  • Lee Fudge

    Uber cool!

    over 1 year ago
  • Silver Pen

    Aewsome! If you ever need any help thinking of superpowers or how to us them in combat, give me a head's up and I'll get on it as soon as I can. :)

    over 1 year ago
  • rosemarywisdom


    If you need any help as to what superpowers I have, advanced combat would be awesome. Or photon energy projection JUST LIKE Captain Marvel! Either way, badass when it comes to fight scenes. YOU'RE AWESOME AND AMAZING THANKS!!!!


    over 1 year ago