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Rosemarywisdom, you get a cameo in this one, you'll definetely become a regular later, along with those who signed up.
Also. I included my actual older siblings in this, and they allowed mr to use their names. Sorry, Gypsy, lol.

Awkward Teenage Superheroes {1}

December 7, 2018


"You had one chance, Kelsey." Izzi growled, she sat triumphantly on her older brother's chest. 
"Little Iz, lighten up." He shifted his weight underneath her, smirking. "So I ate the last cookie. Lighten up." His red hair shone in the light, his green eyes sparked mischeiviously.
"That was my cookie, Kelsey!" Izzi felt her figure lift from her brother's form, she lifted up in the air seemingly weightlessly. Her short, stocky figure didn't make her the most flexible. "I put a post-it on the jar."
"Tough luck," Kelsey sat up, flames began to form at his fingertips. Sooner or later, a ball of curving, flickering light had formed between his hands. He aimed it at his youngest sister, making sure his launching trajectory was just right.
"Wah! Kelsey, no!" Izzi jerked away at the last moment, her short, dark curly hair falling into her hazel eyes. She collasped to the titanum plated floor with a loud, resounding thump.
"Oh, you two." Gypsy, the oldest of the three, showed up behind Izzi, grabbing the latter by the armpits and hoisting her up. "Mom and Dad want us in the kitchen."
"Aw, what now?" Izzy stuck out her bottom lip and glared at her sister, who was gifted with sunkissed skin, bright blue eyes, speckled with grey, and long golden locks. She looked like a regular valley girl, but was anything but it.
"They're calling us through the monitor upstairs, nerds." She rolled her eyes at her youngest sister before ruffling her loose curls. "So come on."
The cylinder shaped elevator doors opened, emitting a blue light. The three siblings scurried in, pushing and shoving, Izzi was jostled off to the side. Of course. Being the youngest sucked, sometimes.
But things were gonna change soon. She just didn't know it yet.

The kitchen was something straight out of Farenheit 451. Everything was starkly simple, white. and minimalistic.
The sibling sat at the kitchen table on levitating stools, patiently looking at the ginormous glass screen that was to hold their parents' message. 

Izzi gazed off at the wall, her mind fuzzy. She could care less about her parent's special message, it wasn't meant for her. She knew it. Being the youngest only meant she was left with the scuds, the stupid things. While her sibling got to train intensively  and use their powers for what they were meant to do; protect the common folk. 
Flying. That was her power.
Generic. Boring. Good for nothing. Kelsey had pyrokenisis, and Gypsy could make forefields. That was cool

"Hello, my darlings." Came that soft familiar voice, Izzi's head jerked up to see the screen, or more likely her smiling parents.
Her mother was gorgeous. With light brown hair that reached her back and amber eyes that flickered in gold in the light. She sat to the right of the screen, while her father was the polar oppostie with  curly reddsih brown locks, a chiseled jaw and sea green eyes.
"Hi, Ma." Izzi smiled. "What's up?"
"You'll see, little piggy," Their father said, his gaze flickereing to the other two, who gave him a knowing glance. 
There was something off. Definetely, something was off. Izzy raised an eyebrow before realizing.
"Wait, what did I do now?" She squeaked, feeling a blush rise to her cheeks.
"Nothing, Darling," Mother said. 'We just wanted to call you to say..you're getting your own mission to yourself."
"What?!" Gypsy went bug-eyed. "But surely you need someone to accompany your youngest..on such a...secretive task." She protested, but it was clear that she didn't even known what this so called mission was.
Izzi was so excited, she ran up and hugged the screen, only to rush up to her room, cell phone in hand.
She had to call Rosemary first.
"Hello?" Rose's voice piped up at the other end.
"Get your gear ready! We're going solo on a mission." Izzi screamed.
This was it.
This was her tell-tale moment.
Nothing was gonna change that.



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  • Aussie23

    YAaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are people in the first one still in here? This is code to ask am i still in here?

    over 1 year ago
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    over 1 year ago
  • Silver Pen

    Flying is not a boring superpower. It just takes a little resourcefulness to use it in combat, that's all.
    Moving on.
    Great start to the story! It's cool that your siblings let you put them in here. They must really trust you -- if they dont put toads in your dresser drawers for the way you portrayed them, that is. It's double-cool that you're working in other people from WtW. This series looks like fun!

    over 1 year ago