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Seriously, what should she do? Sit with the trouble kids, or go back to somewhere she might never have belonged?

Diary of a High School Noob!- 1

December 7, 2018


In a strange turn of events, I have somehow ended up in unknown territory. My school has an alternating schedule, a Red day and a White day. Each day consists of four eighty minute long periods, and what time you have lunch depends on your third period class, so it’s different everyday.

Well, on my Red days, I had situated myself at a lunch table where I knew a couple people, who had really welcomed me into their group last year (since I started going to their school just after Thanksgiving). The first day, I saw my one friend, Georgia, and followed her to a table with a few other girls. Then, after a few minutes, the table was so crowded with people that not everyone could put their stuff on the table.

The thing about me is that I am a very shy person. Another thing about me is that when I find friends I usually don’t stray far from them, because I like to get close to people and have really close friendships. It’s just my preference. Rather than be friends that hang out in a couple classes, I like to have someone I can trust almost completely.

So, this crowded table thing has gone on for the whole year. Today, I stayed a couple extra minutes in the class I had before lunch talking to a friend, so I got their a little late. It also didn’t help that I had to buy and it takes a while to navigate through that chaos. So by the time I got there, there wasn’t much room at the table and everyone was deep in conversation, so I wasn’t noticed. At all. I pulled up a chair kind of behind in the in between space between Georgia and another person, pulled out my phone, and started reading a webcomic.

I wasn’t paying much attention to anything else, but suddenly, a voice said, “Hey, do you want to come eat with us?” I couldn’t really see who the girl was that spoke due to bright the blinding sunlight, but I grabbed my lunch and replied, “Sure.” It wasn’t like I was missing anything with my original table.

I sat down at a table where four girls, plus the one that called me over, were seated. The asked me what my name was and if I was a freshman. I answered, a little off put by their offer to eat with them.

This wasn’t the first time someone noticed me sitting away from everyone and said something. In fact, it had happened several other times. One of them I really wish I hadn’t said no to. I was very grateful that these girls were so excited by my company. Especially coming from somewhere where I walked over and no one even noticed.
They asked me why I even sat over there, since the people there didn’t seem to want much to do with me, and I answered truthfully.

“I don’t know,” I said. They were basically confirming all of my worst fears. Maybe I was too quiet. Too forgettable.
“Well, I wouldn’t have let them treat me like that,” one of the girls, blond with a blue sweatshirt, commented. “I’d have sat on the table!”

Now, you may be wondering, what could be wrong?


You see, these girls weren’t the type of people I’d normally choose to surround myself with. One had even had her phone taken away by one of the assistant principals! During lunch, she was trying to text someone with her friends phone, and the assistant principal who’d taken it saw, and said she’d have to take whoever’s phone she was using.

The friend immediately snatched her phone back from the girl.

These girls are the cool kids who text during class, skip class, you have boyfriends and such. And they’re trouble.

But… I think I want to sit with them again.

Because they said that I could.

“I can’t stand those kids over there,” one girl scoffed. Right on cue, someone from my original table screamed ‘Jeopardy!’ and some other stuff that I didn’t choose to hear.

“We sit here everyday,” the girl who invited me over said. “My name is written on this table! You can always come sit here.” I smiled and thanked her.

My last period of the day was with Georgia, and she didn’t even ask why I wasn’t there.

When Tuesday comes, I don’t think I’ll even hesitate to join the troublesome girls again. They welcomed me, and respected me. Asked me questions about myself, not like my “friends” did when they first met me.
This might be because we’re studying Romeo and Juliet in English class, but this almost feels like that. I was a Montague who might be questioning whether I belong as a Capulet, or something. I don’t know, but it’s eating me up inside.

Is it worth hanging out with the rougher crowd if I get the attention I feel I deserve?
What do you think?


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  • Dummie

    I have to agree with nevaredhp. There is this friend of mine, Joselyn, who is really close with this girl in the grade below us. But the thing is, that girl isn't good. She takes pictures of herself without clothes and sends them out on Snapchat. She takes videos of herself DOING THINGS to herself (I hope you know what I mean because I really don't want to explain) and sends them on Snapchat. She gets in fights and gets suspended, then when she comes back almost immediately does something and gets suspended again. We had a slushie machine at one point in time, and every day in the cafeteria I said to a different friend "We are gonna have a whole 'Glee' moment with that thing. You know who I'm thinking it will be." Then, sure enough, they took it away and my neighbor, who is in the grade below me, said that it was the girl that Jos was friends with. She had taken multiple people's slushies and dumped them on people. I am trying to gently tell Jos that being close friends with bad people will get you in trouble, (that is something I know from experience) but I can understand her giving the girl a chance and trying to see the best in her. I'm not saying this to scare you away from these girls. I'm saying that you should give them a chance, and if they start to try to encourage you to do things you know are wrong, then you should tell them you aren't comfortable with things like that.

    over 1 year ago
  • MoonFromAlola

    Thank you so much! I appreciate it :)

    over 1 year ago
  • nevaredhp

    ooh... this is a tough call. I've been in a similar situation, and all I can really say is that since you've only sat with them once, why not join them again and get to know them? If you find that you're starting to act in ways that you'd rather not because of them, then spend some time away from them and reflect on the whole situation again <3 praying for you

    over 1 year ago