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A Lover or A Friend

February 16, 2016

High school to some kids is the best time of their life; a moment in time where they can go out with friends on a Friday or Saturday night and go party it up. That’s what was with Timothy and Rashad. They were like all other kids in a small town, best friends since kindergarten and stuck with each other all the way up till high school. Rashad had long shaggy hair, the deepest dark brown eyes, in which no one could ever read his emotions on that particular day. However, James had the biggest cowlick and it was the only thing style he could do with his hair because everything else on him looked, well just didn’t look right. James was also a little taller then Rashad, but Rashad still kicked his butt during any sport. None of them really cared who was the best at anything as long as they were hanging out they were pretty happy.

    These two had been through the best of times, like when they egged Mrs. Robinson's car, put a firecracker in the toilet on the last day of being an eight grader, and their latest one getting on the roof of the school and throwing rocks at the window to get the attention of a really cute girl, Ashley. Rashad had always wanted to date Ashley since freshman year because she was the prettiest girl in the whole entire school; plus, it was a small town so it wasn’t saying much, however, she was the girl that wasn't a real party animal but still went to parties and did stuff. She had blonde hair, the cutest smile, and had eyes somewhat like Rashad's yet more mysterious and discreet. She had no friends but could get along with everyone else because she would act like she enjoyed the conversation yet never really did. However, she had a huge crush on Rashad and never really told anyone; she thought he wasn’t like all the boys cocky, senseless, and arrogant, she had an image that he was somewhat good and sweet in some ways but more funny than anything. She became obsessed in getting Rashad so tried everything, talking in public, texting, and snap chatting even. As soon as Rashad got through his head that Ashley wanted talk to him and get more familiar with him.
A month passed and Rashad and Ashley were dating; they looked like they should’ve been together a long time ago, but he didn’t care he was finally dating the girl of his dreams. James started feeling like was being puhed away because f his friends new relationship, he wasn’t wrong. Rashad, for the past two weeks had been ditching his friend to hangout with his girlfriend because he wanted to spend time with her and love her like no one else would. However, he was feeling as if there was something missing inside him yet he didn’t know what. What Rashad was lacking was a true friend because in those two weeks he wanted t tell James how happy he was, but he couldn’t do that if he was ditching him all the time.
So on a Friday Rashad called up James and asked if they could hangout after basketball practice. James at that point didn’t want anything to do with rashad because he had ditched him for a girl who he thought was just a little odd; he said no and told Rashad how he felt about him deserting his only friend. Rashad stood with the phone in his hand dumbfounded by what he was hearing and as soon as James hung up he realized he had lost his only true friend, who respected him and gave him advice on everything.  Furthermore, on that same night Ashley decided to break up with Rashad because she felt like she wanted to see other people.
Rashad, devastated from the heartbrokenness from his girlfriend and not having someone to be there for him made him go into a deep depression because no one was there for him. As he got on with his life he realized a person needs friends and as long as a person has at least one friend then they are doing pretty good in life. On the other hand, if you love someone that much don’t make them your life because then you’ll lose your friend and then no one will be there for you in the end.



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