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Please write a letter to Maddox Hyde! Read Catherinely Me's piece. She explains what this is about.

Dear Maddox

December 7, 2018


Dear Maddox,

I've never met you, but you seem like someone who would be a wonderful friend! ( Plus, we're only a year apart, I'm fifteen, and that always helps!) My name is Mary, and I'm not actually sure what to say, but I wanted to tell you that you are not alone. I don't know how to comfort you because I've never experienced anything like what your going through. Never forget that there are many people who love you. I'm a Christian, so I can say, even though I've never met you, that I love you. I love you because God loves you. I don't know your circumstances, and if you have accepted Jesus into your heart, but I want to encourage you to put your faith in Him and let Him shoulder your burdens. 

You look so happy in your picture! I hope that's because you are surrounded by people who love you and that you aren't scared. I'm glad you asked for something so personal as cards for Christmas! Otherwise, I never would have even heard your story.( I don't listen to the news much.) That's what I would want, too. 

I just wanted to contribute to your Christmas wish. I hope this is your best Christmas ever! 

Love, Mary W.

" The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-they must be felt with the heart." ~ Helen Keller



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