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Hey, I'm Aminah, but most people call me Mina.
17 yrs. old|12th grade|INFJ-T|Female/Girl/She/Her|I think I'm something of a writer|Animal lover||MARVEL FANGIRL FOR LIFE|| Member of WtW since 2018

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A Letter to Maddox Hyde

December 7, 2018


For more information, please check Catherinely Me‘s piece here.

Dear Maddox,
I’ve got word from a friend, that there’s a kid in PA who wants a card. I’ve never met you; in fact I’m on the other side of the state! I’m Aminah, a California 11th grade student, nice to meet you! I hope you read this letter because I really want you to read what comes next. So stay strong unknown friend, and know there are thousands of people all over the world who care for you.
When I see the struggles in my life, I think of the stars
When I feel the pain from illness, I look to the stars
Sometimes I feel I’m fading
But life does never fade
Sometimes we feel we’re slipping, but that’s only because our hands ache from holding on so long.
I look to the stars, because I may find something there.
A hope
A prayer
Merry, merry times
Call for happy finds
Illness can’t take that away
Someone cares,
Someone is always there.

Merry Christmas,
Aminah S.


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  • Mary Wall

    This is beautiful! Thanks for writing this!<3

    over 1 year ago