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#candleflame I felt hope

By: Christy Wisdom


I held a little candle flame
The bright glow illuminating my 
Cold hands
My fingers, numb, were warmed by the 
Mellow orange flicker
And I felt hope 
For the first time 
In a while

The icy wind tries to 
Snuff it out, to
Chill me to the core
So I 
Shield the flame from 
The biting gusts

And even when the flame
Flickers out,
Smoke rising,
And embers burning wistfully,
Wishing to be ignited,
I will fan the flames
To life again

I held a little candle flame
And I felt hope.

Peer Review

Really meaningful piece of writing, that instills the hopeful feeling you were trying to convey in the reader. I also love the structure of your stanzas; very good layout to break your thoughts and feelings down.

If I had to be really picky, I would recommend expanding on how you feel hopeful, like sauing how the flame makes you feel warm inside or guides you through the darkness. Something along the lines of that.

Reviewer Comments

I felt the warmth and feeling in this poem. Keep up the good work!