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" We don't meet people by accident. Everyone is meant to cross our paths for a reason."

Have you crossed paths with me? It must be fate!!

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I wrote more to this but my screen froze and I lost all my unsaved work. I was too lazy to rewrite so...

Veronica of Deritie

December 10, 2018

PROMPT: Polar Opposite

    Remember, always remember. That's what everyone tells me. Remember those who lost their lives in the big fire of Deritie, the ones who lost their lives saving others. Remember those who died in the floods of Deritie. Oh, and never forget all of the poor children of Deritie who suffer from so many things.
    But I don't want to remember. Bad times should be forgotten, right? Why should you try to remember the deaths of your mother, father, and sister? Why not just pretend that they never existed except in those nice memories? That is what I tell myself, and I just ignore those who say to remember the bad things.
    I do make sure not to forget the important things that keep me alive though. What to do when natural disasters hit our small country of Deritie. What to do if you are in an attack from the people of Klaritine. What to do to survive life. I find these things important more than anything else.
     So when the next natural disaster came upon my small, poor country I knew what to do. This monthly disaster was overgrowth, where suddenly all of the plants that we had and were about to harvest started growing rapidly. That's what we get when we think that we were finally succeeding. The plants grew up and over our houses in a matter of hours.
     I knew that staying inside would mean death and going outside would mean being swallowed by the plants so I took the last possibility. I went into an iron chest that my parents had made for purposes like this and locked it from inside. There I waited for the plants to leave a couple of hours later and opened up the chest to find my house which was already half destroyed left in tiny crushed fragments.
    Around me, many others had similar luck and had nothing left for a house. I ran over to my next door neighbors plot of land as they came out of chests like the one I had stayed in. Meanwhile, in some places, nobody came out of the chests. Many unlucky people hadn't made it in time.
    At least this left me at least another month to live since I never knew which monthly disaster would occur. Sometime between one month and two months there would be a disaster that the god Herimean would send upon us. There was nothing we could do about it except try to survive. We had come up with different tactics but most of the time somebody would die.


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