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Mission, pt. 1

December 10, 2018


"Nakamura Youta! Why aren't you dressed for the morning roll call?" Lieutenant Saito yelled from the front of the lines. I let out a shaky breath, my fingers trembling behind my back. I force myself to puff out my chest a bit and stand up straighter. My dark hair falls in front of my eyes, but I fight the urge to push it behind my ears. 
"My apologies, sir! I overslept, sir! It's my fault, sir!" I scream as loudly as possible. I see his dark grey boots thumping on the dirt on the other side of my unit. Lieutenant Saito slowly marches towards me, his back straighter than a pole, and squinting eyes. I've never feared any other man besides my father and the kami until I met Lieutenant Saito. Not even his superiors, General Towusaga and Commander Rei, scare me half as much. 
He comes to a sudden stop in front of me. I keep my hands clasped tightly behind my back. He turns sharply, the whiff of his putrid scent hitting my face. I suppose a man as powerful as him cannot waste time and energy by taking a bath once a week. "Nakamura, what did you just say?" I refuse the urge to look him in the eyes and instead stare at Watanabe's head in front of me. His light brown hair was cut short recently, barely going past his large ears. 
"I said, it's my fault, sir!" I yell again. The Lieutenant just nods and starts to walk away. I start to relax but he spins on his heels. His fingers are tight around the baton on his hip. I brace myself for a sudden impact. 
"Nakamura!" Lieutenant Saito screams. I keep myself steady, preparing for the blow. My stomach clenches tightly and I fight the urge to cower away. Lieutenant Saito drops his hand, "Run 15 laps around the base as punishment. And, next time you come to roll call in your pajamas, the punishment will be more severe. But, I need you in shape for your next mission." I let out a sigh of relief and watch him walk away. 
Watanabe turns slightly and gives me a wink. I roll my eyes and wink back. He turns back towards the front, his hands tightly clasped behind his back. Using his fingers, he communicates in simple sign language, without giving too much away by moving. I grin as I read his message: you're an idiot. It's completely true. 
"Saito is going to kill you next time. Every week, Youta. You can't keep pissing him off every single week!" Ito Kaiyo shouts from his bunk. I shrug and run my fingers through my thick hair. My father wanted to cut it. My mother insisted that she loved it long. I decided to leave my hair long, just to spite my father. I suppose spiteing my superiors is a habit. 
"It doesn't matter. And, it's not like I try. He's just sensitive," I grumble. I grab the end of my sheet and shake it out, turning my face away to avoid getting dirt on my face. My body was weak from the run, but I still had chores to do. "Nakamura Youta, you have long hair. Go do 3 million push ups!" My Saito impression was getting very impressive. 
Kaiyo laughs and hangs over his bunch, his face close to mine. Kaiyo is... an odd man. He's two years younger than me, but he seemed older in some respects. In others... he shouldn't be in the army. "Youta, you stink! Go scrub yourself bloody!" Kaiyo mocks, puffing out his chest and putting on the signature Saito scowl. I try to keep myself from laughing too hard. 
"Whatever, you slackers. Keep joking off. After we clean the bunks, we have pet duty," Tanaka Masaru grumbles from the doorway. Kaiyo falls off of his bunk, thumping onto the floor. I spin around and salute. Kaiyo stumbles to his feet and salutes while leaning against me. "At ease. I give you both two minutes to finish cleaning this place. It looks terrible." Masaru spins on his heel and walks off to the next set of bunks in our unit. Masaru was the resident Captain of the Green Unit. But, he's a pretty relaxed person when he wants to be. However, Kaiyo and I know when we should play around and when we should follow his orders. 
I hurry and finish fixing my bed. I turn towards the other beds in the room and do my best to fix them as soon as possible. Kaiyo sweeps the floors and organizes our belongings. We work in silence, spinning around one another until Masaru comes back. He steps inside, his small boots lightly tapping the wooden floor. Kaiyo and I salute, standing beside the door. Masaru walks around the room, observing each bunk before turning and giving us a simple nod. 
"Yes! We did it, man!" Kaiyo screams and slaps my back hard. I groan and rub my back in pain. 
Masaru smiles slightly and shakes his head. "I never thought you two'd be able to do it. Congrats. Now, go tend to the horses. I have to go on a scavenger hunt for your brother. Watanabe is always disappearing during chores." Masaru slips past us, his slender frame squeezing between Kaiyo and I. 
We grin at each other and slip on our boots. Hurrying through the training grounds, we pass multiple units performing different tasks: rookie training, roll call, lunch preparation. I wave at our other roommate, Kobayashi Jun. He's working with some of the rookies on the flight basics. 
Pet duty is the absolute worse to have. The animals all stink and are extremely mean. But, Kaiyo and I are used to this. We always get sent to pet duty. I don't really mind much; it's better than rookie training. 
On our way to the horse stables, Lieutenant Saito steps in our way. Kaiyo and I freeze before saluting quickly. Saito stares at the both of us before tilting his head in wonder. "You two have been summoned to the commander's office. Go now."

Last year, I wrote a story for 9/11 called 'Never Forgotten.' I didn't this year because I didn't want to be repetitive. However, today, Dec. 7th, is the anniversary for the Pearl Harbor Attack. At the memorial at my high school, the speakers only talked about how messed up the Japanese were and how strong and powerful America was. I was severely insulted. During World War II, so many innocents died. On both sides of the war. On both sides of the earth. How dare anyone say that someone was messed up and someone wasn't? 
War is an ugly, ugly thing. Innocents die and families are destroyed and people lose everything because of this. I don't agree with any war nor am I pardoning what the Japanese did. But, let's not forget that America also bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those weren't even military cities, unlike Pearl Harbor. So many innocents died there too. 
So yea, I'm a little upset with those speakers. They ignored the rest of the war and what America did to others. All they talked about was how "amazing" and "powerful" America was and is. 
That's why I wrote this. I felt the need to express an opinion beyond the belief of most Americans. I'm sorry, for all of those who died in that war. I really am and I know that my apologies won't make any difference. But, at least someone recognizes the fact that there were more than just American soldiers who died.


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  • OceansEyes

    I am not a war lover and I barely understand military and all...but you footnotes are so true that I understand the true meaning behind you novel....The names will be hard to remember but the descriptive is good...too good... you are doing excellent!!

    10 months ago
  • Quille

    :DD So right :) Possible for anything :DD Going to read the next part now..........

    10 months ago
  • korra4life

    Thanks @MAM (sorry, your name is long, :D
    @Quille - don't worry about that. It happens often. Hm... I don't understand how anyone can mistake Chris for a girl, but at this point in time, I guess it's possible for anything.
    My mistake, I meant my verb tenses aren't great. But, I try *shrugs*

    10 months ago
  • Majestically Awkward Manatee

    Nice descriptions!! This was fun to read!

    10 months ago
  • Quille

    Sorry! I can't believe that I mistook the mc for a girl! I hope you're not offended by that :) For the novel writing competition, the wtw reviewer thought Chris was a girl!
    Grammar isn't that bad, I was just pointing out verb tenses :D

    10 months ago
  • korra4life

    Thanks! By the way (you'll probably notice this later) my main character is a boy here, not a girl.
    Yea... I know... my grammar is getting worse every day. I'm trying to work on it. If you've read any of my really old stuff, you'll know how bad I was XD.
    Glad you like this!

    10 months ago
  • Quille

    O.K. I really enjoyed reading this part; the descriptions and characters are really clear and well-detailed. I find myself really enjoying the main character a lot; can easily relate to her feelings & attitude :D
    Guessing at some possible romance and life threatening peril in the next pieces.... :)
    One thing I wanted to mention is that some of your verbs are in past tense while the rest are present. This creates a tiny bit of confusion for me as I'm reading and would recommend working on that. (Just trying to give some good criticism, please don't be offended :))
    Also, a good cliffhanger with that last sentence :DD It really makes me want to read the next part :D

    10 months ago
  • korra4life

    Thanks! The longest part of this was choosing the names!

    11 months ago
  • Mangolover

    I love your descriptions & especially your characters names! XD Have fun & keep writing! :P

    11 months ago