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16. v tired.

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on my writing: it's so much better and simultaneously the worst it's ever been.

i like lowercase and markus zusak
i live for critique
this one time i wrote a 76k word novel and it's a 76k word mess


December 7, 2018



i'm sorry that when i enter the room, 
the atmosphere doesn't turn to rain and crash around our feet 7 inches deep
and for smiling when you're suffering so much
and your pain makes you cry so hard that your mascara smears (and you leave it)

i'm sorry that i don't understand that your public pain should be my single greatest tragedy.
considering all that denying you do, all those "i'm fine" texts you send so you can post them on vsco.

most of all, i'm sorry for adding to your delusion that the rest of us have it together (it lets you feel worse).
we don't, we just aren't attention leeches with hair mussed on purpose and drugs on hand just to get caught,
so we'll look at you, and see just how far you've fallen,
poor thing, 
and make you an example of perfect sadness, because at least you'd be a legend,
the goddess of pain
who dies with her followers.


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  • RainAndSonder

    Why are you so good at writing?? This is incredible, seriously! I absolutely love it!

    4 months ago
  • nevaredhp

    So. Freaking. True!!! I love it I love it I love it. This is beautiful

    4 months ago