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Lee Fudge

United States

I am in an age of apathy, this may be my way out. I mostly write silly and dumb stuff, but a want to write some darker stuff as well.

Message to Readers

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December 7, 2018


These lands, they got big cities,
They seem be fueled by loads of pities. 
With a ton of locomotion,
Causing a commotion.
Contributing to the congestion.

Trains filled up with people,
With dreams, high as a steeple.
Flocking to the city, make them true,
Seemed like the logical thing to do.
They’re contributing to the congestion.

The people are here now, their dreams a broken,
Looks like their body have shrunken. 
Why are they still here, you may ask?
Now that they can’t finish their task?
Aren’t they unnecessary congestion?

Let me tell, the city bigwigs,
Care about dreams as much as figs.
They just want people in the city.
To make a pretty penny.
They cause the congestion.


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