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I'm definitely hoping to do something with this story in the future, so it'd be amazing if you could help me out with it (:
This is just the first part...I believe there are around 13,700 more words in it hehe. And the ending is my favorite part, if you can hold out until then.
Thanks! I hope you enjoy it.


December 6, 2018


Dear Director,
Enclosed is a copy of the Slate Files, a comprehensive collection of every work pertaining to the SLATE-KAUFMAN mission. The Slate Files include a series of classified documents, emails, interviews, medical reports, chat history, computer usage, military reports, and more. I hope you find this useful in your examination of the SLATE-KAUFMAN case. More importantly, I do hope my findings prove true. These files are extremely important and SENSITIVE. Show them to absolutely no living soul. At least until we know for certain what happened to Nikita Kaufman.
From 8126790 to 0093845,
History is written by the victors
Caseworker #0091

Email between Phoebe Shaw Oberon of 0000000 to Nikita Amadia Kaufman of 8126790.
SENT FROM: classified01@0000000.mdirect.00.pov
Protectorate 00000000
SENT TO: kaufman01@8126790.mcase.12.pov
Protectorate 81226790
SUBJECT: Case 15-8-16-12-20, 8-16-9-8-8-16-16
Dear Ms. Kaufman,
(Caseworker #0012)
I write to you personally from Protectorate 000… in order to inform you of a new case that is of utmost importance.
Protectorate 00000000 is in danger. The stability of all Federated Protectorates depends on 000… and an uprising has begun.
They call it SLATE. What this means, we cannot know. They are distributing illegal documents, hacking Federation files, and printing out private emails and correspondence to hand out among the people. Not only this, but intel informs us that SLATE plans to attack the Federation Directory. They plan to launch terrorist attacks on the Directory and the Metro, which will surely result in the deaths of many innocent people.
Ms. Kaufman, as you are currently a situated peacekeeper on 8126790, and as you grew up in the 000… metro and our familiar with the Directory, we believe you are the most qualified Caseworker to undertake this assignment. An Air2 will be sent to you immediately to pick you up and take you to the 000… protectorate. You must investigate into SLATE and stop them before they destroy the fragile stability of our Federation.
Thank you,
From 00000000 to 8126790
Director PSO
RE: Case 15-8-16-12-20, 8-16-9-8-8-16-16
Ms. Oberon,
I’ll be there. 6am. Sharp. live. Alert. Tenacious. Entity.
I’ve figured out your code. The mission name is Slate-Kaufman.
I’m not unintelligent.

The Next Day
Case Log
Day #1
It’s 615am and I’m certain I freaked Oberon last night. (Sharp. Live. Alert. Tenacious. Entity. SLATE.) She probably thinks I’m a secret member of the uprisings, if I know her well as I think I do. Hah.
I’m eating French Eggs on the Air2 Train. Why you need to know that, I’m not sure, but I’m supposed to write every detail down. (Insert smirk at F-POV people who have to read about me eating French Eggs.) I have the superpower of never getting motion sickness. It’s what makes me great for cases that require traveling. One of the reasons, at least. There are many. F-POV doesn’t hire the unqualified. Keeping the peace and preserving the  caste in these protectorates is the hardest job there is, period. Nobody else can complain about their occupations-we have the violence, uprisings, secrecy, traveling, hidden identities. We have no family, no friends. We have numbers instead of names. At least to most people, people who don’t work for the Directory.
Ten minutes until we get to Protectorate 00000000. My old home. The first Protectorate. All the other numberings are random, but 000… has an honorary name. It’s numbers are blank to symbolize that the Directory, Federation and Protectorates rose up and created a blank slate, (ha. Slate.) starting with 000.
Out the bullet-proof glass window of the Air2 I see people with signs. Peaceful protests,sure, but it could start a full-scale rebellion. Not long until they get shot by some local caseworkers. It might be me with the guns in a few days. I don’t mind much. I don’t really think about it. It’s my job as a caseworker. The Fed isn’t perfect, but nothing is. And I’d prefer this near-perfect Federation to rioting. That’s why I’m the best of the best. I know what’s at stake.
Hey, we’re here, who knew? I’m hilarious. Anyway, I think I’ll have to end this case log for know. I’ll write again after I get to the hotel.
As long as no protests hold me up on the way…
Caseworker #0012
the Federated Protectorates
Directory Caseworker
End of File

Guest Log
913 AM
Caseworker #12 checked in.
Bernie, your friendly receptionist computer, says hello!
Your room is #3A! Enjoy your stay at Hotel Berns!
1004 AM
Caseworker #12 left. Estimated to arrive back in a few hours.
Bernie, your friendly receptionist computer, says, remember to come back! We miss you already!
Glad you came to Hotel Berns!

Log #2
I’ve got a lead. Already.
People’s protest signs have codes hidden on them. They’re embedded in black light. Luckily the Fed equips us with electromagnetic-spectrum contact lenses. And the codes? Easier to crack than eggshells. Pretty obvious to a graduate from Larnah, like I am, or any Junior Federation University. Especially Larnah.
The first code? 19-12-1-20-5. Slate.
The second? BG -A -A HIB. 27 00892. An address.
My guess? The SLATE headquarters.
Bet they didn’t think that a FedHead could solve their little puzzle. I’m used to working with difficult numbers and codes. Nearly all nouns are replaced with numbers in my line of work.
I’m headed to 27 00892. I’ll be sure to record the conversation in case anything goes wrong. In case these SLATE people are smarter than I expect. I’m not usually wrong, though, and I think SLATE doesn’t know what they’re in for.
The formal sign-off gets tiring, even if you only use it once.
That’s me for you. Always disrespectful, huh, Oberon? Wink.

Transcription of Interview Between

N: I heard about this place on a protest sign. From the rally down on 06.
T: Were you participating in the rally?
N: Of course. I hate the FedHeads as much as you.
T: No you don’t. No one does.
N: I beg to differ. But let’s not argue. I’m interested in your...ideas.
T: Ideas. Hm. I’d say they’re more than simply ideas. Before I give you any info, I need to know your name. I’ve memorized the codes and names of all the FedHeads and I will know if you’re one of them.
N: Who’s to say a Feddie couldn’t make up a new name?
T: Just answer my question, girl, instead of pointing out flaws in my logic. I’ve got more plans up my sleeve than that. I’m not stupid.
N: In my opinion, people who use the term “stupid” are simply that.
My name is Catalina Aukai Hill. I come from Protectorate 34002119.
T: The Cescana people? You’ve come a long way. Why?
N: Because of SLATE.
T: How did you find out about SLATE?
N: Word spreads fast among sympathizers. Listen, I promise I’m not a FedHead. How does a rebellion even start in this place if it’s leader withholds all information?
T: I can’t tell you anything until you’re verified .
(Unidentified Voice): Oh, relax, Tryn. She’s clearly a sympathizer. She came all the way from 340… Cescana. You need to lighten up a bit.
N: Who’s this? Your girlfriend?
Unidentified Voice: I’m Clo. Clo Haps Fiana. Co-founder of SLATE.
N: Interesting name. I’m Catalina.
C: I heard.
N: So, are you his girlfriend?
C: Um, no.
T: Absolutely not.
C: We’re cousins! For Baerns’ sake. Tryn, I’ve changed my mind. You don’t have to give her anything.
N: Ah, you lighten up.
C: Sure. Okay. Just don’t tease me about Tryn. (faint rustling?) I’ve been teased enough about him in my lifetime.
N: I’m sure you have. Joined at the hip as you two are.
C: Oh, shut up, newbie.
N: Just give me the information. When’s the next protest?
T: (grumbling)
C: Tell her.
T: The next protest is in two days. At the Hippar Square.
C: Go on.
T: Fine.
N: So…
T: At the Hippar Protest, we’ll burn down the homes of some FedHeads.
N: Which ones?
T: ...If you’re smart, you would know. The ones that live in Hippar Square, idiot.
N: Well, you just lost a sympathizer. A sympathizer with valuable information.
T: Listen, Catalina, if that’s really your name. You don’t seem to understand. The FedHeads took everything from me. I was twelve years old when my mother died.
N: I was nine, skipper.
T: You don’t understand! She was everything I had. She was my life. My comfort. My only sense of family. I was homeless, you Fedfeeder. My mother was my home. And then the Feds shot her for living on their roads. Stealing food from their darn  garbage cans.
N: I’m sorry for your loss. But I don’t see why this matters to my current situation.
T: After my mother died, I was alone. I promised her I would not rest until every last FedHead was shot and murdered like she was.
N: Violent.
T: I don’t care if it’s violent. Every last one. I will not rest. I sought out Clo, my only living relative. I founded SLATE. Life is hard here in 000…You’re from  340… , you wouldn’t get it.
N: (inaudible.)
T: How? Why?
N: My name is not Catalina.
(inaudible muttering.)

Federated Caseworker Computer #0012
1:35 AM-3:54 AM

“Federated Caseworkers & Officials Living in Hippar Square, Protectorate 000...”

File: Official List of Residency, Federated Caseworkers and Federated Officials in North Protectorate 000…
Official #0019
Official #0017
Caseworker #0005
Caseworker #0078
Classified #0001
Official #0003
Official #0002
Official #0001
Caseworker #0011
Caseworker #0044
“Classified #0001”


Video: Classified #0001 Tells of Their Hopes for the Federated Future

Encrypted Emails: Email Server of Classified #0001
(Only accessible with password)

File: Classified #0001
(Only accessible with password)

Password: phoebe shaw oberon, hippar square, director of the federation, 006-002-004-007

Password Correct

Classified #0001 Unlocked

Classified #0001
ALl files password-protected
Residency: HIPPAR SQUARE, 01-022-4465
Ethnicity: Various Ethnicities (Click for more detail)
Click links to see related files.
Husband: Official #0001, James Dupre Oberon
Daughter: Official #0002, Gracie Oberon Fields
Son-in-Law: Official #0003, Johnson Fairer Fields
Most Recent Correspondence: (as of yesterday) Email with Caseworker #0012, Nikita Amadia Kaufman, regarding: 000… mission.

Log #3
This is officially a catastrophe.
SLATE is planning to burn Oberon’s house down.
I have to admit, I’d hate to see Oberon dead.
I’ve known her for as long as I can remember, having grown up in 000, and as much as she can be a pain in the neck, I wouldn’t wish for her corpse.
Besides, if Oberon dies, then her husband, most likely, takes over. And he is infinitely worse. So no matter how true Tryn’s words may have felt, I have to stop SLATE. For the good of the Federation, right? Everything for the good of the Federation.
I need to remind myself of a few things. Tryn’s thinking has put me in a difficult position. As if my childhood is arguing with me.
Remember, Kaufman. A peaceful, imperfect Federation is better than a violent, perfect anarchy…
Remember why you decided to become a Caseworker. Remember why you chose this difficult life.
YOU CANNOT FORGET. Period. The fate of the Federation rests on you.
I need to email Oberon. Now. Goodbye.
Wink, wink, Oberon?

Email between Nikita Amadia Kaufman of 8126790 to Phoebe Shaw Oberon of 0000000.
SENT FROM: kaufman01@8126790.mcase.12.pov
Protectorate 81226790
SENT TO: classified01@0000000.mdirect.00.pov
Protectorate 0000000
SUBJECT: Urgent News from the 15-8-16-12-20, 8-16-9-8-8-16-16 Case

Ms. Oberon,
I write to you from Case 15-8-16-12-20, 8-16-9-8-8-16-16.
SLATE plans to burn down everything in the Hippar Square in two days.
SLATE is a serious threat. They played with my mind. You cannot mess with them.
Get out, get your family out, go right now.

RE: Urgent News from the 15-8-16-12-20, 8-16-9-8-8-16-16 Case
Dear Ms. Kaufman,
(Caseworker #0012)
Thank you for your warning. You will be rewarded in Caste when your mission is over.
All Directory staff have evacuated Hippar Square. Military have been stationed in hiding to prepare for the attack. Not one rebel will survive.
In thanks,
Phoebe Shaw Oberon

Log #4
You know what Tryn has done to me. He brought all those childhood memories crashing back with the force of a full-speed Air2. As soon as I told him I grew up in was like he made a 360 degree turn. He morphed from someone about as affectionate as a wall to my “brother,” standing with me in “solidarity.” He waxed poetic about the trials we had faced here in 000...and preached about our “brave stand against the Federation.” He made me remember the Feds shooting Mir in the heart when I was nine. Tryn reminded me of Jos sentenced to 600 years in a Federated prison for stealing food for me. He brought back the days where my caste was Undesirable and the other children avoided me like the plague.
Tryn made me remember. Tryn made me forget.
Tryn made me remember why, as hotheaded girl hardened by tragedy, I hated the Federation. Tryn made me forget why, after witnessing thousands of riots, I decided peace and caste was better than chaos. The Federation kills or imprisons, as a government controlling thousands of Protectorates, a million or so people each year. Large-scale riots can kill or imprison a million people in one shot.
HE MADE ME FORGET. The things I had to do to get me, an Undesirable, into a school like Larnah. The way I fought through my classes, never fitting in, but always excelling. The painful hours of studying, every night, until the early hours of the morning; the rigorous work that propelled me to graduate top of my class. How hard I had to work to have an audience with Phoebe Shaw Oberon herself, just so I could become  a low-level Caseworker, my name not even classified. And now here I am, one of the best Caseworkers throughout the Federation. I have no qualms about what I do, because I know what’s at stake.
SLATE, you cannot break me. I am invincible.


Rebel Group Calling Themselves “Slate” Burns Down Hippar Square
A REBEL GROUP CALLING THEMSELVES “SLATE” have burned down Hippar Square, killing or injuring hundreds of innocent civilians. SLATE has caused millions of dollars in destruction. Be on the lookout for any people claiming involvement in SLATE. Anyone known to be in the group “SLATE” will be arrested and executed on the spot if caught. Contact @4900.876.344201 if you have any information about this dangerous group. A generous sum and half point caste upgrade will be rewarded to anyone with information on SLATE.

Transcription of Interview Between
T: Nikita. I didn’t see you at the burning.
N: I was there. Honest to Baerns.
T: Since when do you believe in Baerns?
N: It’s just an expression. Suck it up, Tryn.
T: Nikita. Is Hill really your last name?
N: Why would I lie to you?
T: Why wouldn’t you?
N: I don’t trust people easily-
T: According to data openly available on the Web, Nikita is an uncommon name. It’s more common on 000...but, nevertheless, it’d be quite a coincidence if you and one of the Fedheads happened to share a name.
N: What are you talking-
T: Fedhead #0012. Nikita Amadia Kaufman. Born in 000… and reassigned to an unknown protectorate. All of this is easily accessible if you have the password to the general Caseworker server. Everything else was rendered confidential and required a secondary password to access. So it wasn’t much info, but it was enough.
N: Like you said. Nikita is a common name in 000...So what if a stupid Caseworker has the same name as me. That doesn’t mean a thing.
T: Like eyes  it doesn’t. You didn’t tell me your real name when we first met.
N: That means absolutely nothing. Secrecy is everything in the Federation.
T: Regardless, Nikita. You can’t be involved in SLATE anymore. You’ve lost the trust of Clo and I.
N: Why-
T: Somehow the Feds got hold of our plans. All the Fedheads evacuated the area. They cared nothing about the innocents in Hippar Square. They just fended for themselves. And none of them died. None. All we’ve done is slaughter innocents.
N: Yeah, that sucks and I’m sorry. But this is my fault how?
T: We told you our plans. And then they left. I see a correlation here.
N: You can’t kick me out of SLATE because of two freak coincidences. (inaudible)
T: What?
N: I said that the Directory has a way of uncovering secrets.
T: (muffled)
N: (defensively) What do you mean?
T: No one calls the Feds that unless they are one.
N: Calls them what?
T: The Directory.
(33.2 seconds of silence)
T: You do realize I’m going to have to kill you.

Log #5
I told you I was invincible and you didn’t believe me. And now you’re dead. It was you or me, and I always choose me.
I did what I had to for the Federation. I followed the path that I know is right. Tryn Harvester is dead. There will be no funeral.
I should have killed him when I first met him, but I knew he had some valuable intel. I didn’t want to kill him so early, but he would have killed me first. He must not have realized how skilled I am. Caseworkers-it makes us sound weak. We are not “Caseworkers.” We are machines.
Tryn was not an honorable man. He was not a good man. But he was trying to do what was right, in his mind. Tryn and I come from the same place. The difference between us is that I saw the necessity of our society, and all he wanted to do was burn it to the ground.
Now he’s dead, and I’m alive. It could have easily been me, the leader of SLATE. I’m smart enough, and I have enough motive, but it isn’t me. I chose the right path. I made my life into something more than slums and revenge. I’m sorry Tryn had to die this way. He would’ve made a perfect Caseworker, if he could only understand the cost of rebellion.
I have not felt love since my brother was arrested for trying to feed me. I have felt amity, companionship. But I have not felt love. I don’t recognize love when it approaches me. So did I love Tryn Harvester? I don’t know. We were friends, almost. We trusted each other. Almost. Did I love him? I can’t tell. And now he’s dead, so I guess I’ll never know.
I did the right thing. I did. I told you I was invincible, and you didn’t believe me. It was you or me, and I always choose me. I work for the greater good of the world. All you saw was your revenge. That’s the difference between you and me. That’s the difference between dead or alive.
This is the first part of a story I'm really proud of. Keep in mind, I started this story 1yr ago and have improved a lot since. I finished the story on Monday so you'll probably (hopefully!) notice an improvement from the beginning until the end. I'll keep uploading one part a day throughout the week (hopefully again!) until the story's done. 

Thank you so much,


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