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Holocaust Chapter 2 (COMPLETE)

December 7, 2018


"Sir," I heard a growl next to me, in the tunnels of the labyrinth I was hiding in. I froze. "The boy escaped, I could not find him. The light burned out." 

"Arshchgeige." The commander spat. I tried to control my breaths but it was too much. I was too scared. I was hiding right under their noses.

Aleksander's voice rings in my ears. "They won't look for prisoners in their own prison." I sniffed, he was captured.

A slideshow of our brother moments plays in my head and tears swell my eyes.

He is now with them.


Haunting thoughts seize my mind and for the billionth time that day I shivered in fear. I was here, where the Nazi's were. I was in their past footprints, I was drowning in their stench. I was breathing in their cold air. I was in the place they walked us Jews toward our doom. I was where muddy puddles were being stomped in by German soldiers. I was where my group would scream for freedom. 

I was where millions were killed. 

I wasn't oblivious just because of my young age, I knew what happened because I saw Hitler march past my town and saw him- what he did to my distant brothers and sisters. "Sie!" 

I heard a voice topple over my thoughts like a rapid current and started to run. "No," I mumbled. 

I was caught by a rough calloused hand grabbing onto my arm and twisting it back in his direction, I yelped and winced through gritted teeth as I tried and tried to break free, to run. 

I couldn't be caught. I couldn't die.

Not yet. 
Ok so this is going to have a lot of German in it or Yiddish, so if you don't understand I'd reccomend looking it up? I'm too lazy to do translations, but I'll do it for this one.

"sie" - "you" in GERMAN


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