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Holocaust Chapter 2 (COMPLETE)

December 7, 2018


"Sir," I heard a growl next to me, in the tunnels of the labyrinth I was hiding in. I froze. "The boy escaped, I could not find him. The light burned out." 

"Arshchgeige." The commander spat. I tried to control my breaths but it was too much. I was too scared. I was hiding right under their noses.

Aleksander's voice rings in my ears. "They won't look for prisoners in their own prison." I sniffed, he was captured.

A slideshow of our brother moments plays in my head and tears swell my eyes.

He is now with them.


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1 Comment
  • RNE

    YES!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for someone to write something about the holocaust in this site for soooooo long!! You have got to keep me posted about this piece!

    over 1 year ago